Robotic Wheelchairs Market Report by Service Type, Application, Vertical, And Region- Global Forecast To 2028

The report analyses the global Robotic Wheelchairs market based on by drive type, by distribution channel, by application and geography. The Robotic Wheelchairs market on the basis of drive type is segmented into Rear Wheel Drive Robotic Wheelchairs, Front Wheel Drive Robotic Wheelchairs, and Mid-wheel Drive Robotic Wheelchairs, they are majorly distributed by Retail and E-commerce, and are segmented on the basis of application is segmented into Residential and Commercial. Geographically the glo


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A robotic wheelchair Market is a powered wheelchair with protracted characteristics of navigational intellect. The scope of robotic wheelchairs is progressing with the growing scope of automation and the latest technological developments. Robotic Wheelchairs are well – equipped with sensors, assistive technologies, and controllers to manage movement.

Robotic wheelchair works on robotics-based technology and has the ability of sensing obstacles in a way, piloting, and moving automatically using sensors. The foremost demand for robotic wheelchairs comes from individuals with a perpetual or momentary mobility-based impairment, the old age population, and extremely obese people who are unable to do smooth movements. 

Robotic Wheelchairs Market Report Outlook

Mounting instances of temporary and persistent movement impairment, the expanding geriatric populace, and obese individuals who cannot compete in ventures that necessitate constant mobility are stimulating the demand for robotic wheelchairs.

Manufacturers are increasingly focusing on research and advancement exercises to improve intelligence and excellent peculiarities to serve people with moving disabilities. These initiatives are expected to result in increased application of robotic wheelchairs. For instance, Whill Inc. provides a wheelchair model M for residential purpose, along with its California partner. The product is equipped with 5D robotics software and hardware that collects data with the help of GPS and LiDar sensors attached to it.

COVID-19 Impact onRobotic Wheelchairs Market Report

The exclusive COVID 19 impact analysis report by Axiom MRC provides a 360 degree analysis of micro and macro-economic factors on the pet grooming market. In addition, complete analysis of changes on the Pet grooming market expenditure, economic and international policies on supply and demand side. The report also studies the impact of pandemic on global economies, international trade, business investments, GDP and marketing strategies of key players present in the market.

Covid 19's rapid development universal has led to serious implications for most suppliers of cybernetics and electrical goods, in the form of supply chain disruptions. While the pandemic emergency has reduced the frequency of purchase of consumer appliances, the foremost time for shipment of orders has also increased significantly. Limited availability of components, restricted labor supply, and other supply chain-related costs are some of the major challenges that most industry players are focusing on at present. The end of the lockdown is expected to bring this industry significantly higher consumer traffic, most notably through the online channels, and the manufacturers will need to design their production plans and distribution networks in tandem with this changing business environment.

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Robotic Wheelchairs Market Segmental Overview

The Robotic Wheelchairs market is segmented based on by drive type, by distribution channel, by application and geography.

Robotic Wheelchairs Market by Drive Type

The Robotic Wheelchairs market on the groundwork of drive type is segmented into Rear Wheel Drive Robotic Wheelchairs, Front Wheel Drive Robotic Wheelchairs, and Mid-wheel Drive Robotic Wheelchairs. amidst which, the rear-wheel-drive robotics wheelchairs grasped the largest market portion. The factors can be wide acceptance of rear-wheel drive robotics wheelchair all over the globe.

Robotic Wheelchairs Market by Distribution Channel

The Robotic Wheelchairs are majorly distributed by Retail and E-commerce. The retail distribution channel led the robotic wheelchairs market with the highest value. This division has been earning demand attributing to its advantages such as rendering the consumers benefit of examining the merchandise prior to shopping, free displays, and the appearance of a store assistant who attends them with the usage and advantages of the technology embedded in the wheelchairs.

Robotic Wheelchairs Market by Application

The Robotic Wheelchairs market on the basis of application is classified into residential and commercial. The residential section is estimated to grab the biggest percentage in the market. Domestic usage of robotic wheelchairs is obtaining haulage owing to its capability to accommodate self-governing movement support for indoor exercises. Professor Nicholas from Universidad Miguel Hernandez of Spain has developed a robotic wheelchair for indoor applications with the integration of brain neural computer interaction technology.

Robotic Wheelchairs Market Key Players

The major players in Robotic Wheelchairs market are Sunrise Medical LLC, Invacare Corporation, Permobil Corporation, Meyra GmbH, Karman healthcare, Ottobock SE & Company, Matia Robotics, Upnride Robotics, DEKA Research & Development, and Whill Inc. among others.

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