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Make them exclusive, apparently, with attractive amendment options. Buy these custom belt boxes at budget-friendly rates .


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Belts are one of the most liked items in accessories. It was used just to tie the waist in the past, but now it’s turned into fashion. People love buying belts in different styles, shades, and shapes, which look branded, apparently in wearing to show off.

Should these branded and costly belts have standard packaging? Or can it impress the fashion lovers who want everything attractive and impression apparently to seek all the attention? Of course not. Only custom belt boxes wholesale can urge them towards your exclusive belts. So, if you want to target such people, use Custom packaging and see the change. For that,

Select rare designs for custom belt box designing:

The designed boxes look so apparel and charming in custom packaging. But the wrong choice can ruin the whole box grace. That’s why we assist you in all designing procedures. You can also take suggestions from our design experts.

And for color shading, you can choose any color combo you like for PMS and CMYK color schemes. Both are perfect for creating perfect shades. But please be careful about color choices, too, because some color combos do not look perfect together. And few ruin the whole design theme. 

Give a premium appearance with elegant finishing:

Have you ever examined famous belt brands like Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Versace, Zara, and HNM belt boxes? They look so standardized elegant, and rare, apparently. It’s because these boxes are customized with exclusive finishing like embossing and debossing, hot stamp foiling, etc. 

If you want to give a premium appearance to the belt boxes like these brands, have, use the iCustom boxes add-ons pantry. It also consists of versatile and mind-blowing finishing options, which apparently turns the custom box into exclusive and premium.  Here are a few suggestions.

1. Hot stamp foiling:

If you want to give a goldish shine to the brand logo, the way Gucci, Zara, and HNM brand logos use gold stamp foiling. It comes in premium shades. The stamp foiling is available in all shades. You can use these two. Here are a few suggestions.

  • Silver foil
  • Metallic foil (silver, gold, blue, copper, red, and green)
  • Rose gold foil
  • Embossed foil (Any Color)
  • Holographic foil

2. Embossing and Debossing:

If you want to highlight the brand logo and design on the custom belt box, use embossing. On the opposite, you can give it a pressed effect with debossing. You can combine embossing and debossing with hot stamp foiling for a gleaming and sparkling effect.

3. Custom inserts:

To keep the belts in custom packaging, we use custom inserts. This helps complete your mission of giving buyers a pleasing, unboxing experience while opening the box. For inserts, you have many options, from economical to high-priced. You can choose any of them according to your budget. Here are the options:

a. Cardboard and kraft inserts:

The cardboard and kraft inserts are more economical than EVA and simple foam inserts. Also, they can be easily printed into any shade and design with PMS and CMYK color schemes. 

b. Custom foam inserts:

The simple foam inserts are highly durable and flexible. We suggest these inserts to those who want exclusive packaging at budget-friendly rates. But these inserts are available in grey, charcoal, black and white. If you wish to other shades, you can use EVA foam inserts, which are highly expensive but ideally durable simultaneously. Moreover, you can use flocking on the upper side of the foam inserts in any shade. It will not cost much.

4. Inside printing: 

In customization, we also focus on inside beauty to give the buyers a mesmerizing, unboxing experience. Also, give an impressive appearance to the inside of the box in premium packaging. 

5. Customised handles to make the box easy to carry:

You can customize handles on the custom belt box to make the box easy to carry anywhere. For that, you can use box material or ribbons and ropes.  In another option, you can use custom tote bags to keep the custom belt box.

6. Magnetic closure for smooth opening:

If the box material is rigid, you can use magnetic closure. It can be adjustable in both collapsible and non-collapsible forms. With its help, the buyer doesn’t need to make extra efforts to open the box. It can easily open and close in one turn. For the best impact, you design its surface with embossing, debossing, hot stamp foiling, and PMS and CMYK color designs.


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