What is the salary a beginner graphic designer earns?

Are you curious about graphic design? Want to make a career in graphic design? Want to know much a beginner earns? Then, you are at the right place! This blog will help you to get detailed insights into the beginner’s graphic designing career. But, before that, know the profession – graphic designing, and what they do.



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Are you curious about graphic design? Want to make a career in graphic design? Want to know much a beginner earns? 

Then, you are at the right place! This blog will help you to get detailed insights into the beginner’s graphic designing career. But, before that, know the profession – graphic designing, and what they do. 

Who is a graphic designer? 

A graphic designer who visualizes and designs creative visuals using the software. It may be for different formats, such as brochures, leaflets, and digital posters, and sometimes for illustrations, typesetting, and user interface. 

Designers help the audience to overcome the communication barrier through visuals and create a brand identity. 

What doesn’t a graphic designer do? 

A graphic is limited to branding, advertising, and rarely web designs. They more often stick to brand communications and effective means of communication. 

Their job does not include creating UI/UX, website, and application designs at least for beginners (However, one can explore the possible career options).

Skills a graphic designer requires? 

Today, the industry and companies expect a more skillful workforce, if you have suitable skills for the job, then you easily get hired in a well-reputed company.

To stay ahead of the curve in a long run, you need to keep learning new skills and stay updated. However, as a graphic designer (beginner), the industry expects skills such as: 

  • Adobe Creative Suites:Adobe is a popular brand that has a compilation of multiple and dedicated designing and editing software. These software are the top preference and are extensively used across the world. So, as a graphic designer, you should be aware of such software and other popular ones.

Also, you should have a good hold on the software. 

  • Typography:Typography is an important element of the designing. You should have an understanding of fonts, styles, and their usage. This will help you to create appealing designs. 
  • Branding:Though branding is a business skill, having this skill is essential. Because graphic designers work in advertising and marketing fields. 
  • Creativity:Unlike technical skills, soft skills are important as well. Creativity is one such skill, which can be developed with experience and thoroughly reading varied materials based on creativity. To be in this field sustained, you need to be high on creativity.
  • Visualizing ability:Visualizing or imagination is very necessary, this will help you to connect dots, understand the core meaning of copy, and create great designs by understanding the inputs. 

How you can kickstart your career as a graphic designer? 

As a graphic designer, you can struggle in finding your first job. But, there are many ways you can kickstart your career and create a quality portfolio, which can land you a job.

1.Internship:Interning is a having experience in work and workplace environments. You should make the most of your internship. Completion of an internship from a reputed company can earn you a full-time job.

2.Freelancing:In India, it’s a great time for freelancers, where many salaried professionals are working as a freelancer, and on the other hand, there is one set of people, who work as full-time freelancers. But, to work as a full-time freelancer, you need a strong network with whom you can get work consistently. 

3.Join as a fresher:In the era of startups, you can land a job as a graphic designer, if you have quality work samples. Apply to startups with your best work samples, because there are high chances startup goes for freshers. This will help you learn and kickstart your career. 

You find the right jobs through different and most trusted platforms by many people, such as Linkedin,, indeed, etc. These platforms are very helpful to find you the best jobs. 

And Internshala is one of the dedicated platforms to find the best internships near you.

What is the salary a beginner graphic designer earns?

Your skills build your portfolio, and your portfolio gets you a job. The salary in India a graphic designer earns varies according to location, experience, and agency. 

Your skills build your portfolio, and your portfolio gets you a job. The salary in India a graphic designer earns varies according to location, experience, and agency. 

We have gathered data from different sources and presented it to you in one place, for easy better, and comparative understanding: 

Theaverage salary of a junior graphic designer in India,according to the industry standard is₹20,000 which is ₹2,40,000 LPA.

The salary also varies based on the city in which you work. We have collected the data for popular cities, where there is a huge demand for graphic designers.

Note – data are collected from varied sources, and actual figures may vary based on the company your company.*

Why choose graphic designing as a career? 

Out of passion, definitely yes! But, what about the scope of the career? With little experience and great skills, you can move forward in these streams at the later stage of your career:

1. Senior graphic designer:with the experience of 3 to 4 years and a good portfolio, you can either jump to a different agency and apply as a senior graphic designer, or experience growth at the same agency you will be working as a senior graphic designer.The package for a senior graphic designer is around4.5 to 6.5 LPAon average.

2. Graphic artists:graphic artists are the ones who create different visuals for varied mediums such as book covers, print ads, posters, magazine design, etc. You can be a graphic artist by exploring various types of visual communication, such as animations, video graphics, or game and interactive media design. We can call it the next level of graphic design or an extensive design field. The package for a graphic artist is equivalent to a senior graphic designer.

3.UX design:UX design demand in the market is quite high and one of the popular fields in India. You can take a jump from graphic designing to UX designing by upskilling through distance learning or full-time courses. Your experience will also help you in elevating your career as a UX designer. 

We at a website designing company in Delhi believe that UX designing has a bright future since the world is transforming digitally and the need for UX designers will increase in the market. Also, sophistication in the user experience is very important, if you have better vision, understanding, and great skills, then you can definitely reach the pinnacle

With an experience of 5 to 6 years, you can expect an average package of 5 to 7 LPA.

4.Art director:with an experience of more than 5 years, an art director acts like a team lead. They look after junior designer work and ideate creative campaigns. 

There is great pay for art directors and along with this, comes great responsibility. A highly creative person can succeed in their career as an art director. If you are an aspirant, then we recommend you develop your creativity along with your skills. 

As, the average package for the art director is 9 LPA

5 ways you can earn money as a graphic designer

Apart from finding jobs in different companies and agencies, we share with you some amazing ways to earn money in form of a passive income! 

1. Create and sell template:

It’s the time when everyone looks forward to a ready-made template rather than developing one from the scratch. But, templates are never enough, so developing aesthetic and quality templates, then selling them online and earning profitable money. 

2.Work as a freelancer:

Freelancing is a common way to earn passive income, but when it comes to the field of creativity, there are abundant opportunities around you. Grab these opportunities and work with reputed clients.

If you start earning a manageable income as a freelancer, then you can also focus on it as a full-time job like other professionals such as photographers, writers, etc. Be your own boss! 

3.Conduct webinars or workshops:

You can’t do it in the early stages of your career, because you need to prove the relevance to your audience. So, an attractive portfolio with some years of experience can open the doors to conducting workshops. 

Share your valuable knowledge, speak about the current industry scenarios, and guide your audience through your webinars. These are the basic ways to deliver insightful workshops or webinars to your audience. 

4.Create social media templates: 

Today’s marketing strategy has social media in its primary list, and the need for templates to post the content on social media is essential. You can fill in this gap by creating some amazing customized packages online and earn some money. 

5.Create pre-made logo packages: 

Logos are very important, but like templates, pre-made logo packages can also be a good idea to create and sell. Interesting and meaningful logos can be great stuff to earn money. If you have a good bank of logos, then there are chances some companies may approach you for a thoughtful logo. So, get started! 

These are the five ways in which we think, you can kickstart today as a graphic designer or later in your career to earn more money. 

With this, we conclude in a hope that this blog has helped you understand the graphic design industry and earn a career out of the same. 



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