what is sales funnel? Why is it vital for your business?

The four components of the A-I-D-A model are illustrated below with a real-time example for each component.    


Sourav Shetty

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The time-tested principle behind the Digital Marketing Sales funnel  

It is interesting to note that the hierarchy model of the sales funnel was designed by Mr. E. St. Elmo Lewis in the year 1898 for his business to improve its sales function.  This A-I-D-A model is highly relevant even in today’s context when we prioritize the sales funnel, over other tools when deciding on a sales strategy. The four components of the A-I-D-A model are illustrated below with a real-time example for each component.    

· Creating Brand Awareness:

                When your business is beginning to grow, creating an awareness for your brand should be at the forefront of your digital marketing efforts. Creating an online presence via your Official Website and managing a Social Media Presence is a great way to create brand awareness initially.  

· Sustaining User Interest:

               When the user sustains interest in your business by spending valuable time with your engaging content and visually appealing graphics of your online presence, by reading and responding to your digital marketing inputs is a sign of interest.  

· Desire to make the buying decision:

             The conversion game takes effect here. A user engaging with your content, over time gets a desire to actually spend money to make the buying decision. Constantly reminding the user of your existence, thereby nurturing the lead with follow-up emails and online offers are an example.    

· Close the sale for Action:

               The act of closing a sale through direct personal sales call from your executive or through an online event like a webinar or even through a live event can also be a productive call to action.   

Give the Right direction to the traffic generated:

Direct traffic is difficult to maintain in the long run, since a business cannot rely on the fact that a customer would repeatedly type in the link of the business on the browser to make a purchase every single time. Hence Social Media marketing efforts to drive the leads unidirectional towards your sales funnel is an important aspect in digital marketing. Moreover, quality links from external sources where they would cherish the presence of the link back to your business, add value to your digital marketing campaign. But the most important of them all is the inbound traffic routed from Search Engines. Hence optimize your Search Engine rankings to get organic leads, your way.

Sources of Different types of Inbound Traffic:        

The potential to capture leads and engage your audience

It is always ideal to have a lead generation and an email marketing strategy ready with you in your digital marketing arsenal and throw in them whenever it deems necessary to have them to capture leads for your sales funnel. The sales funnel involves capturing leads and collecting the contact details of your userbase. This database is slowly but steadily worked on to arrive at the final call for action. All your efforts are fruitful only if you close the sale, and if you close the sale, it speaks volumes on the efforts spent in optimizing your digital marketing sales funnel.

Creating value to your Digital Marketing Sales Funnel with Service Media

             The approach of using and Digital marketing for a functional sales funnel is a sure-shot way towards lead generation and sales conversions. Equipped with the Service Media Platform and incorporating, Digital Marketing your business will be able to master the sales funnel functionality and substantially increase the percentage of sales conversions. 


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