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If you want to become a Salesforce Certified B2B Solution Architect, then you can choose Passcert Salesforce B2B Solution Architect Exam Dumps for your best preparation. Our Salesforce B2B Solution Architect Exam Dumps are designed to help candidates evaluate their readiness to pass the Salesforce Certified B2B Solution Architect exam. Before taking this exam make sure you have adequate knowledge and a solid understanding of all the topics covered in the syllabus. Then make sure to study our Salesforce B2B Solution Architect Exam Dumps multiple times so that you can pass your B2B Solution Architect and and get Salesforce B2B Solution Architect Credential.


About the Salesforce B2B Solution Architect Credential

The Salesforce B2B Solution Architect certification is intended for individuals who have knowledge, skills, and experience architecting and driving multi-cloud B2B solutions that deliver business value for the customer. This credential validates that a B2B Solution Architect can provide guidance, as well as combine guidance from different enterprise architecture viewpoints to create solutions that generate strategic business value for customers.   

Exam Details

Here are details about the Salesforce B2B Solution Architect exam:Content: 60 multiple-choice/multiple-select questions and 4 non-scored itemsTime allotted to complete the exam: 120 minutesPassing score: 58%Registration fee: USD 400, plus applicable taxes as required per local lawRetake fee: USD 200, plus applicable taxes as required per local lawPrerequisite: Salesforce Certified Application Architect Certification

Exam Outline

The Salesforce B2B Solution Architect exam measures a candidate’s knowledge and skills related to the following objectives. A candidate should have hands-on experience with B2B Commerce, Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Pardot, Revenue Cloud, Salesforce Field Service, Einstein Automate, Experience Cloud, Tableau CRM, and Mulesoft and should be able to demonstrate knowledge and expertise in each of the areas below.Discovery and Customer Success: 25%Data Governance and Integration: 26%Design: 29%Delivery: 12%Operationalize the Solution: 8%          

Share Salesforce Certified B2B Solution Architect Exam Sample Questions

1. Universal Containers (UC) wants to implement a Salesforce multi-cloud solution that includes CPQ, B2B Commerce, and Sales Cloud. UC wants to use as much of Salesforce's core capabilities as possible for its cart-to-quote customer journey. The order fulfillment process is managed separately in a third-party ERP.Which two considerations should a Solution Architect keep in mind when thinking about data flows?  Choose 2 answersA.Product and Pricing are set up with CPQ as the source of record.B.The source for the data feed to ERP is the CPQ Order object.C.All data points on products should be mapped and replicated between CPQ and B2B Commerce.D.Cart and Order record owners are mapped to Quote and Quote Line record owners.Answer: A, C
2. Universal Containers (UC) is currently utilizing Sales Cloud and Revenue Cloud for its direct Sales team. UC would like to create an indirect Sales team with its vendors using Experience Cloud as the front end with the same kind of quoting functionality the direct Sales team uses within Revenue Cloud. However, UC wants to ensure that data from the internal direct Sales team is not visible to the external indirect Sales team in Experience Cloud.What is the first configuration a Solution Architect should consider when implementing Experience Cloud in this scenario?A.Make internal organization-wide defaults Public Read Only to create external visibility.B.Enable External Sharing Model to create external organization-wide defaults.C.Start creating Sharing Sets for Experience Cloud users to access Sales Cloud.D.Add Indirect Sales Team to existing Direct Sales Team Role Hierarchy.Answer: B
3. Universal Containers (UC) is undergoing a multi-year digital transformation across its Sales, Marketing, Fulfillment, and Accounting channels. Based on UC's initial success using MuleSoft's API-led approach as its integration strategy, UC chose Salesforce for its transformation. The Solution Architect assigned to the project has just begun pre-planning for the first phase with UC's Implementation team.Which document should the Solution Architect ask for to get an overview of the customer's current infrastructure so they can begin the first phase of the digital transformation?A.A Salesforce ERD Document complete with field definitionsB.A MuleSoft Application Document complete with integration patternsC.A Reference Architecture Diagram complete with system of record notationD.A future state roadmap detailing all of the implementation phasesAnswer: B
4. Universal Containers (UC) delivers packaging solutions to its customers based on volume schedule, which is part of a contract that UC is closing. Customers place orders against these contracts, and the orders are maintained in an ERP system outside of Salesforce.Employees of UC want to track invoicing payment status on a monthly basis so that they can identify early when customer orders fall short of the contractual target.Which two solution components should a Solution Architect recommend to meet this requirement?  Choose 2 answersA.Opportunities and Opportunity Products from Sales CloudB.Product and Revenue Schedules from Sales CloudC.Invoicing payment status sync between Salesforce Billing and ERPD.Orders and Order Products from Sales Cloud and a MuleSoft integration with the ERPAnswer: A, B
5. Universal Containers (UC) has a global support model and would like to open up a text message channel to support maintenance supervisors in countries around the world. UC also wants to leverage messaging to market to its business partners, and be able to track open and click-through rates just like it does with email campaigns.What should a Solution Architect recommend to UC?A.Utilize Service Cloud and LiveMessage.B.Utilize Service Cloud Email to Text Message.C.Embed third-party messenger tools.D.Utilize Marketing Cloud and MobileConnect.Answer: C
6. A Solution Architect was asked by AC Computers to provide solution recommendations for a rebate enrollment and management solution on Salesforce. The primary goal and requirement is to easily launch rebate programs for partners that an administrator can implement and manage in Salesforce. AC Computers currently uses Sales Cloud, Salesforce CPQ, and Experience Cloud to expose opportunity and quote information to partners.Based on the business requirements, which solution should the Solution Architect recommend?A.Implement a custom solution to track rebates, accruals, and actuals and expose the data in the Experience Cloud site.B.Implement Salesforce Service Contracts with line items to track rebate accruals and expose the data in the Experience Cloud site.C.Implement Salesforce Rebate Management Module and expose the data in the Experience Cloud site.D.Implement B2B Commerce on Lightning Experience to track rebates and expose the data in the Experience Cloud site.Answer: D


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