What is Salesforce Einstein AI and Why Companies Need it?

Remember the days when you had to rewrite your queries in different ways on Google to get the desired results?


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Remember the days when you had to rewrite your queries in different ways on Google to get the desired results? Or the days when Apple’s Siri wasn’t there to suggest the music of your choice? And the moments when you had to stand up, burn those precious calories, and walk all the way to the electrical switch just to turn on the fan, because, Alexa couldn’t do it for you?


Thanks to artificial intelligence, we are now able to save a few of our minutes and utilize them for productive activities (on choice).

Salesforce einstein ai. Image:
Salesforce einstein ai. Image:

That’s undoubtedly a spirit-elevating thing that the world’s top technology brands are providing us with the next level Artificial Intelligence-based software (assistants) for free. In other words, we are enjoying the world’s best AI technology that probably cost billions of dollars to be developed for free.

Good stuff and for free. Such a fortune, isn’t it? Well, not in all cases. Even though, all the aforementioned tools are available for general users to receive personalized suggestions or to instruct the bot to perform an action (mostly making phone calls and such).

However, they can’t use the AI for their company’s benefits whether it’s contacting clients in a personalized manner or inducing machine learning and deep learning in their firm’s processes. That confirms:

So far, AI was for end-users. Not for companies.

That’s why Salesforce Einstein AI was developed – to let small businesses employ the power of AI.


To infuse a high-level of Artificial Intelligence (that encapsulates natural language processing, deep learning, and machine learning) into all the major process of your business such as customer acquisition, lead generation, and big-data analysis, a firm needs a budget of several millions of dollar to be at least at the lower end. Hence, AI becomes a luxury every firm can’t afford.

Salesforce indicates to Albert Einstein’s statements that a true genius is defined by how easily he can describe and solve a complex problem.

The firm says since not every small to medium scale business is able to afford the technical expertise, infrastructure, and resources required to develop an up-scale AI, we have done it for them by offering – Salesforce Einstein AI, a simple to set up AI with complex, state-of-the-art programming to make the most of their customer success.

The new AI, powered by deep & machine learning, NLP, predictive analytics, and much more, can help you drive highly customized campaigns for each of your customers.

Why do companies need it? Image: Stellaxius
Why do companies need it? Image: Stellaxius

With each customer-interaction, the AI will learn and grow smarter. Soon enough, it will start to predict user behaviour by reading the collected data from diverse channels.


The game of the market has been recently changed. It doesn’t revolve around offering just high-quality product and services to your customers.

Now, it is all about knowing them. And when you have a customer base of over a thousand or a million, knowing everyone individually is almost impossible.

That’s when machine learning comes in the play. It collects the user-behaviour data and turns that data into smart information which further allows one to do two things:

1. Predicting the customer’s next course of action.

2. Analytics that help make strategies to tackle the future needs of the same customers as well as for acquiring the new ones.

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