Salesforce Pricing: How Much Does Salesforce Cost?

Since the platform of Salesforce was introduced into the market more than twenty years ago, it has


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Since the platform of Salesforce was introduced into the market more than twenty years ago, it has helped numerous business organisations in handling their customer database.

With the help of Salesforce, you can store all the important information pertaining to your customers in the form of Salesforce objects such as leads, accounts and contacts.

Salesforce allows you in managing each of these objects in an automated and efficient manner. You can store and track specific details about your customers and use the same in performing important sales processes.

Salesforce comprises of multiple tools, platforms, components and add-ons that help users in obtaining a wholesome perspective about marketing their products/services.

By getting Salesforce implemented within your organisation, you can use its tools for generating new sales leads, scoring them according to your preferences, nurturing them to convert your deals, manage your payments and making sure you continue communicating with your customers after you have made the sales.

The level of automation and accuracy provided by Salesforce leads to a considerable reduction in the time and efforts put in by the sales team of an organisation in carrying out important business processes.

However, the platform of Salesforce is made up of numerous tools, all serving specific functions. In the majority of the cases, a business enterprise does not require every single Salesforce tool to serve their requirements.

A business organisation can approach their Salesforce development company to develop a platform that only includes the tools they would require for handling their business processes.

This is what makes Salesforce a highly customisable platform. Businesses belonging to ever operational scale and industrial sector can avail services of Salesforce by subscribing to different Salesforce options.

It is important for an organisation to consider how much the Salesforce licences cost for getting the platform implemented. Naturally, the price charged by Salesforce varies according to the Salesforce edition you want to subscribe to and the Salesforce platforms you want to use.

Salesforce pricing for small businesses will be different from that of industry giants. Depending on the scale of your operations and the requirements of your business, your Salesforce price can range anywhere from $25 per user per month to well over $300 per user per month.

It is advisable to take all necessary business objectives into consideration before going ahead with the purchase of Salesforce and choosing your Salesforce API pricing option.

Salesforce Sales Cloud Pricing

Salesforce Sales Cloud is a platform that helps the users in driving their sales. It offers a set of automate services that help you in all stages of your sales cycle with the purpose closing deals swiftly and more efficiently.

Sales Cloud pricing is different for different Salesforce editions:

Salesforce Essentials

With Salesforce Essentials, Salesforce Sales Cloud can be purchased for the price of $25/user/month (billed annually). In this edition, users can avail all the basic features of Sales Cloud such as managing customer information pertaining to every Account, contact, lead and opportunity.

You can also undertake productive email integration by integrating Salesforce with prominent external platforms such as Gmail and Outlook. Users can also get these services through a robust mobile application of Salesforce (Salesforce1 mobile).

Salesforce Lightning Professional

Priced at $75/user/month (billed annually), along with all the features offered by Salesforce Essentials, Sales Cloud in this edition provides the users with efficient lead registration and rule-based scoring of the leads generated by the sales team.

The platform also facilitates sales forecasting to prepare the sales representatives before approaching current or potential customers.

Salesforce Lightning Enterprise

Priced at $150/user/month (billed annually), apart from the features offered by the previous two editions, Sales Cloud in this edition offers extra services to the users pertaining to Workflow and Approval automation. This allows the users to provide more personalised services to the customers.

Salesforce Lightning Unlimited

Priced at $300/user/month (billed annually), Salesforce Sales Cloud offers all features provided by the preceding editions, along with specialised configuration services and exclusive 24/7 customer support.

Salesforce Service Cloud Pricing

The platform of Salesforce Service Cloud is ideal for businesses functioning in the service sector. It helps the users in maintaining records pertaining to their clients and keeping a track of the services they provide to them.

Salesforce Service Cloud pricing differs according to the Salesforce edition you want to subscribe to:

Salesforce Essentials

Priced at $25/user/month, Service Cloud purchased with this edition comes with all the basic features such as offering cross-company collaborations and creating customisable reports. Users can also access this platform through the mobile application of Salesforce.

Salesforce Lightning Professional

Priced at $75/user/month, Service Cloud purchased with this Salesforce edition comes with all the features provided by Salesforce Essentials, along with specialised services pertaining to order management and asset management.

Users can also given an access to Developer Sandboxes for separating the testing and training platforms from the production environment of Salesforce.

Salesforce Lightning Enterprise

Priced at $150/user/month, apart from the features offered by the previous two editions, the Service Cloud provides its users with personalised Field Service tools and other important tools to leverage process automation.

You can also avail enhanced artificial intelligence tools in this edition that would help you in making predictive analysis by studying the behaviour of your customers and their interactions with your team.

Salesforce Lightning Unlimited

Priced at $300/user/month, this edition provides the users with all the features offered by the preceding Salesforce editions, along with the option of availing unlimited online training and 24/7 customer support.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud Pricing

The pricing pertaining to Salesforce Marketing Cloud is different from that of Sales Cloud and Service Cloud. While the other Salesforce platforms are prices based on the standard tiers in which they provide their services, Marketing Cloud is priced according to various packages a client want to purchase.

These Marketing Cloud packages are based on the specific marketing services client wants to avail from the platform. Some of these packages include Email, Web and Mobile Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Online Advertising and B2B Marketing Automation.


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