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Scope Out Your Nft Marketplace That Serves Your Purpose

NFTs have taken over the investment and the art trading sector all in one and have more use cases than they could keep track of. The global scalability and adaptability of newer and bolder industries into the sector ups the game.


John Olier

4 months ago | 1 min read


In the midst of all the sector's exposure, there comes the point of saturation where there is too much clutter to handle, where the only possible solution seems to have an eye out for the extraordinary - the diamond in the rough. Let's look at some of the mandatory features of an NFT marketplace, best practices, and examples of successful NFT marketplace in India.


Storefront - the first impression tool. The NFT marketplace is not far from comparing it to an e-commerce store. It is where the customer gets drawn in, and the user interaction of the platform occurs.

Search optimization and filters - the all-important ease in workflow and compartmentalization of the online market shows the site's effectiveness and reflects on the marketplace as a result. It should have a seamless flow in the search optimization and must show relevant results.

Security - the security aspect is of high importance. Since the platform is prone to duplication and replication, there must be measures to prevent such activities. There are also dangers during the transaction or fund transfers called "sleepminting" that one should be wary of.

Funding the wallet - every major wallet must be available for fund integration. APIs in place to exchange relevant cryptocurrency support.

Final thoughts

The best NFT marketplace in India - has to take the cake on that front. From their best-selling Chakra: Stan Lee NFTs to the Amitabh Bachchan NFT projects, which were a huge success in both the primary and the secondary markets. The NFT projects are being sold at 400 times their original base price, which is unparalleled in the Indian NFT market.


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