Second, MLM was an obligation for me

The importance of schedules, team talking online, and video presentations is significant.


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I learned about video platforms

After Beauty Experimentation I started in another MLM company for video products called “Talk Fusion”. Their founder said it is the next big thing. Probably it is.

The company offers video products like a video newsletter. It is practical for the big corporate business that is not popular in my country. It was exciting to look at everything I could read in the video. The Platform worked well, and I learned handy skills.

But the products do not work in the long term.

Today are many platforms like Messenger, WhatsApp, Line, Viber, etc. There is also Storytel for audiobooks

I found the importance of schedules, team talking online, and video presentations. The business model was easier than in the traditional MLM. Team leaders were helpful, and they could transfer people from their teams to me. I had 2 people under me.

The earnings came from the team members that pay monthly subscriptions or customers who buy the products. I never sold a product, but I became close to a leader in that field. I received a lot of respect for my
video presentations and public speaking.

One day, the upper leaders told one of the team’s newest members organized face to face presentation with 20 people. I was the closest town to her, and I took the bus.

At first, it was exciting. Then I realized I was not prepared for the serious questions that only people with more major success — like my leaders could answer. The newest member trembled from the stress of
speaking publicly.

Our leaders assured us they completed the presentation online. It ended, and we turned them on to answer the guests’ questions.

Guess what? There were only questions that people asked in the online presence of the leaders.

After we shut down the online connection, we received around 10 questions we could not reply to properly because of our lower experience in the company. This presentation was a big failure. But, we still are
respected because we did the best we could.

There should be significant leaders and not much improvisation on presentations on that scale. Face-to-face contact is the best working presentation of any business.

After these ashaming live presentations, I, and the newest member left the company.

I am grateful I have been there. I learned how the organization of an event works — from the time, place, and drinks to the short presentation of the business plan. You know, summarizing information is the most key
skill. Nobody has time to waste.

Today, I am unsure if that company still works, and I do not care. It was a good experience that proved trust, communication, and face-to-face meetings are the key to personal and professional success.
I learned that you need to keep your ground as a professional always. Do not haste into a place where you may fail because of inexperience.

P.S. - This was originally published on Medium. I edited it for this platform. I think this is useful information for people who care about MLM


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