What sectors will be active in the Indian stock market in the next ten years?

The future of the Indian stock market.


Anil Gupta

3 years ago | 2 min read

All the sectors that you are aware of, or are classified in the stock market, would remain active for 10 years or later. None of the sector is going to go away. Our economy has evolved over 100s, 1000s of years of evolution and all the sectos have evolved and grown, and made their place in economy because they have strategic importance. Banking, Financial Services, Healthcase, Services, Insurance, Logistics, Manufacturing, Automotive, Consumer Durables, IT Services, Metals.. or any other — can you foresee any of these sectors die in 10 years timeframe ? it would be foolish to even think so.

Now, assuming that you wanted to understand which of these sectors would give maximum return in next 10 years.. The list keeps changing every 3–4 years. An era comes in — in some cases this era may last for decades, for some this era may last for 10–15 years, for some 5 years, and many of these sectors are cyclic in nature. e.g. Manufacturing as a sector growth lasted for several decades, IT growth lasted for more than 2 decades, Pharma few years we saw good growth, and Metals etc are cyclic in nature.

Ten years is long time to predict, but next few years — these 5 sectors should be fairly good growth sectors :

Manufacturing and Defense : Make in India impact has started to show off. Several companies have setup their production shop in India. the things should come in full swing in the coming year and we should start seeing manufacturing index going up further. Auto industry should also pick up momentum in the coming year

Infrastructure : Finance Minister has already announced an ambitious 5 year program on Infrastructure with a spending of 105 lakh crore spending. Things should start hitting the ground in this year itself

Telecom : Telecom sector has been under pressure for so many years. Now that everyone is tired of intense pricing war, looks like pricing war is now behind and the sector should see growth in ARPU, and improvement in books. This should encourage people to spend in 5G

Railways : Railways has already embarked on ambitious journey of improvement in Railways safety and services and modernization of infrastructure. The investment should continue to flourish Railways in the coming year too.

Financial and Capital market : This is the backbone of any economic activity happening in the country.


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