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My School platform is a trusted online courses application that accommodates the means of learning the skills needed in the future.


Rabiatul Adawiyah

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On this occasion, I will explain about the entire UX Design Process that I have done for the My School platform, which is a trusted online course application as a learning tool to hone the skills needed in the future. My school starts from simple problems that are often experienced by users when learning online, for example, the loading process is very long, the display is complicated and the user cannot feel the motivation to learn.
From the results of my school's research in determining target users, namely from 18-55 years of age, by profession as an employee / female employee, they can speak Indonesian, communicate responsively and understand technological developments.
Therefore, Sekolahku is here to provide online learning services in a fun way, with a very friendly display that is easy to understand by users, very fast loading and accompanied by monitoring of user learning motivation.


  • To find out how much users are familiar with online learning.
  • Find out the success of the SEQ for My School app
  • And, the level of convenience and satisfaction of respondents in the registration process flow, detail courses and transactions.


The tools I use are Figma, Figjam.


Desaign Thinking

In the UX Design process, this case study uses the DesignThinking method as a design process approach and framework in the UI/UX design method. The reason for choosing this method. Because, the stages are very good in approaching the user and tend to be more flexible at every step.

Phase 1 — Define

Pain Points

In this first phase or Define, what is done with fellow designers is to find pain points or problems that are found and felt by the user. We group these problems in an Affinity Diagram which covers several aspects of the problem, such as:

  1. Program Promo
  2. Study Planning
  3. Discussion
  4. Study Progres
  5. Achievement
  6. History
Afinity Diagram

And, the next step with the team is to determine How Might Me (HMW) in this process the designer team must be able to help user problems.

How Might Me

Phase 2 — IdeateThe Ideate phase was carried out with the team to determine solution ideas from how might me that had previously been found. We determine the solution idea based on the priority of user value and also the amount of effort spent during the process. based on joint voting with consideration of high user value and not so much effort, are as follows:

Priorization Idea

Based on the results of the stickynote voting, it can be concluded that the features in My School are:

  1. Study reminder and self reward feature
  2. Simple and friendly appearance
  3. The app that disables all notifications that appear
  4. Guides/Modules to simplify the learning process

Next, the team made a crazy 8 design in which there are 8 rough screen sketches of the My School Application display by loading features from the priorization ideas that have been previously determined together.

Crazy 8

After that, the last stage of this process is to create a user flow based on the tasks that are passed by the user when trying the prototype application.

UserFlow App Sekolahku

Phase 3 — Prototype

In the Prototype phase, what is made is to form a wireframe, as well as UI Design Mockups to create interaction animations in the prototype.

UI DesignAn interactive UI Design at the School with several views which consist of a Splash screen, Login Page, Account List and home.

Splash Screen

Phase 4 — TestingThe testing that is carried out is Usability Testing by testing the design results to real users, namely using the Single Ease Question (SEQ) method where the test method is to ask the user to operate the prototype according to the task from the userflow that has been created. Before that, the research process was to determine who the school application users were and I also determined how the criteria could operate. Users who will use this application are users who want to learn additional skills outside of their main busy hours, without having to leave work and take up their time. Based on the criteria that have been obtained, then define the criteria for the user to be sampled as user research:

  • 18–55 years old
  • Work Employee / employee in any agency
  • Have good Indonesian language skills
  • Able to communicate well
  • Have a good level of understanding in the world of technology

The task given to the user consists of 3 flows, namely:

  • Registration & Login Flow
  • Payment Transaction
  • Class Details


To create a pleasant experience in online learning, this application offers online courses consisting of to motivate users in learning, increase interest and talent. We also provide good service to users regarding how far the learning achievement or self reward points have been. With this approach, with the hope that users can have a lot of time to study anywhere and a greater curiosity to learn online courses, it is certainly a fun way.


Based on the results of the UX process, it can be concluded that a design must be improved and evaluated continuously and it is very important to involve the user directly in the process so that the application made is close to the needs of the user and can be well received.


  1. Pushing more reviews

The function of our application, namely the many reviews of criticism or praise and ratings, makes our application even better in the future by increasing the improvements to the latest features.

2. Attractive view

With an attractive and millennial appearance, our application is superior and many enthusiasts try and are curious.

3. App Capacity Size

The small size does not take up so much storage space, which is a separate point for the user, because there are so many online courses that take up a lot of space, making it difficult for users to install.


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