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Sell real-world assets by creating an NFT marketplace for Physical Collectibles

Almost every asset in the world is getting value now.



4 months ago | 1 min read


Almost every asset in the world is getting value now. This is because of the booming growth of the metaverse. Importantly, artwork, watches, property, fashion goods, real estate, sports merchandise etc are also selling for millions of dollars. Are you an entrepreneur wishing to dominate the Web 3.0 era? Create a White-label Physical Assets NFT marketplace now. 

A sneak peek at the features of an NFT marketplace for Physical Collectibles

  • Seller registration button - National and international brands can easily sell their limited-edition collections to their target audience. They have to upload their files like photos and videos. Later, an experienced team will inspect the quality of content and prepare a condition report. 
  • Search panel - Users can easily locate attractive collectibles by clicking the search dashboard. They can view the luxury goods available for sale. Transparency is ensured as details like the price, product description, attributes (size, release, colour, and style), token details, contract address, and the history of offers is displayed. 
  • Integration with software wallets - Users can process payments instantly by linking software wallets like Authereum, Bitski, Coinbase Wallet, Dapper, Portis, Torus, MetaMask, MyEtherWallet (MEW), Trust Wallet etc. Thus, they can pay off auction fees, bidding charges, gas fees, and transaction processing charges easily. Moreover, they can protect their funds via private keys and secret passwords. 
  • News Items section - Brand-new goods are listed in this panel. Users can click the collectible, view information like the name of the manufacturer, warranty, and other attributes. Subsequently, they can click either the Buy Now or press the Make Offer button to purchase rare collectibles. 
  • Help Centre - Buyers and sellers of NFTs can resolve their problems by contacting the help centre. They will receive support for different issues like connecting of hardware and software wallets, the addition of collections to watchlists, conversion of crypto-to-fiat and fiat-to-crypto, processing of transactions, participation in drops, redeeming of real-world collectibles, and changing of passwords and private keys. 

Wrapping Up

Do you want to bring the virtual and the real worlds together? Contact a reputed white-label solution provider now to create an NFT marketplace for physical collectibles. 


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