Selling services? The importance of customer reviews.

Build trust and bring value to consumers from consumers


Dedrick C.

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Generates more leads and eventually new clients. 

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Any company, organization, or individual selling and providing services must build legitimacy and trust with clients and prospective clients. Trust is the biggest concern for consumers when considering a service. One approach to building trust for customers is online ratings, testimonials, and reviews. 

Reviews, ratings, and testimonials give prospective customers perspectives and thoughts of previous customers. Online reviews provide social proof of how excellent the service was, their experience with your company, and the overall opinion of the transaction. Reviews add value to your services or products and customers because if you provide high-quality services or products, they are more than likely to continue buying products and services. Once consumers see that a business is credible, they are more likely to purchase goods and leave a review.

The best form of marketing is word-of-mouth marketing, and if the consumers promote products or services themselves, the services will sell themselves. “Run your business; don’t let it run you” ~ Jah Elliot.



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