Sena Voncujovi


Chief Editor at PKU Africa Think Tank/Afro-Asian Pan-African/Herbalist/Afa (Ifa) Diviner/Founder of ReVodution & Jaspora

Currently a Yenching Scholar at Peking University (China) and the Chief Editor of Peking University's Africa Think Tank (PATT). I graduated from Middlebury College (U.S) as a Davis UWC Scholar and studied International Politics, Economics, and African Studies. Post-graduation, he worked at Ashinaga Foundation in Tokyo to provide educational support to both Japanese and African students. As a proud African traditionalist, he founded ReVodution to digitally preserve and demystify the West African spiritual and herbal traditions of Ewe Vodu (Voodoo). In Japan, he co-founded Jaspora, a community of African and Japanese businessmen, diplomats, and change-makers that meet monthly to discuss issues related to African development and African Diasporan engagement with Africa. In 2021, he was named one of the most influential people of African Descent by MIPAD. This year, he received the Li Anshan Prize For Excellence in African Studies at Peking University.