SEO Hacks for New Business Owners in 2021

Search engine optimization (SEO) is something that many new business owners will hear a lot as they


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Search engine optimization (SEO) is something that many new business owners will hear a lot as they try to maneuver their startup through unfamiliar territory.

The reason why it can be so overwhelming to run a new company is the fact that the business is expected to compete with the best right from the beginning. It is not an ideal situation, as most startups are run by inexperienced entrepreneurs.

Trial and error will play a large part in the growth of a new company without the proper guidance, which could very well result in the company failing to realize its potential.

The reason why SEO is so crucial to a new company is the fact that it provides a foundation for the business to grow. It is not just a linear course that drives forward to the same result every time — SEO is an umbrella term for various best-practice methods that can help a company gain some brand exposure and influence as it goes.

The very best part of utilizing SEO methods is that the startup company can take things slow. The use of a professional Salt Lake City SEO company practically guarantees that a business does not have to pay an exorbitant amount for an effective SEO strategy.

While letting the professionals do their thing is understandable for a new business owner, it will help the company in the long run if the entrepreneur were to dig deeper into the potential of SEO — as it is entirely possible for a company to make use of SEO methods with minimal help from professionals.

Here are just some SEO hacks for new business owners in 2021!

When it comes to web optimization, keep an eye on loading times

Most business owners have likely already heard of the upcoming Page Experience Update being provided by Google that effectively adds new factors to the algorithm’s search parameters.

The reason why it is called the Page Experience is that the user experience (UX) is now taken into consideration when ranking websites on the search engine results page (SERP).

Most SEO companies and businesses interested in SEO solutions are anticipating the arrival of the Page Experience Update, as it stands to completely change the SEO landscape.

Whereas keywords and a variety of other factors used to matter much more when ranking a website, there is a chance that the UX will effectively trump other factors in the search system.

It is a call to action for companies to make their websites much more user-friendly. For a new company, such a thing can be accomplished by focusing on the load times.

If the loading times of the primary website are slow, chances are the bounce rate (the rate at which first-time visitors leave the site from the homepage) will rise. Keep an eye on the image resolution, as well as the various widgets or site accessories installed.

Focus on providing clear and substantial content when dealing with content marketing

One of the confusing parts about the use of content marketing is whether or not to make long-form content. For example, it is often ideal to keep things short when dealing with various types of content in web pages, as not every online user has the patience to sift through walls of text — especially if the walls of text are present on the front page.

On the other hand, there is still a place for long-form content, and that is inside informative blogs and articles. Compared to regular web content that should be streamlined for the convenience of online users, blogs and articles are another story.

The use of long-form content works fantastically well, and people often gobble that information up. So long as the information is relevant to the products and services rendered, it could very well encourage them to make the purchase and ensure that the company has a steady stream of revenue.

Making use of online shopping platforms or building your own

There is a very good reason why most people choose to shop through mobile platforms — even when the business owner has a superior browser platform. Most online shoppers are comfortable surfing around the Internet on their phones, especially when it has to do with shopping.

That comfort is not something they are willing to sacrifice for the sake of a browser version.

It puts many startup owners in an interesting conundrum as the browser version is typically the one they would focus on the most. However, if the business owner wants to push forward and future-proof the company, the best thing to do would be to focus all efforts on the mobile version.

If it is too much work and the startup owner is not interested in utilizing specialists such as Salt Lake City SEO company, they can instead make use of e-commerce through an online marketplace such as Shopify. They already have a solid mobile system built-in, allowing most startups to focus on what they do best.

Why is digital marketing so important?

Understanding why digital marketing is so crucial to the current business landscape is understanding the state of the online space during the pandemic. Most online users are stuck at home to limit the spread of the pandemic.

Most families have gotten used to getting everything they need from online, which was why the previous holiday season broke so many records.

There is no denying that when it comes to providing a service that everyone wants, the online space is where most of the opportunities lie. While traditional marketing and print marketing can still make waves from time to time, the fact that most people have eyes only for online services is a clear roadmap for any new business to take advantage of the situation.

The use of a Salt Lake City SEO company is crucial since it provides a fantastic opportunity for a startup owner to get ahead without necessarily spending too much on building influence and clout. It’s an opportunity to prepare the business not just for 2021 but the years beyond.


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