Serve Your Community and Not Just Buyers - That's the Business for Today!

Businesses need to change focusing all its loyalty from only customers to its communities.


Parth Thosani

3 years ago | 3 min read

When we talk business, we should be ready to face uncertain situations first-handed. Actually, business is to talk about resolving those uncertainties and boosting up the revenues.

The customers are the fuel to any business in this universe. Some time, the company commits an error in selecting the approach through which it will meet its customers. With changing trends, it seems like a business must Serve Their Community and Not Just Buyers - That's the Business for Today! And that’s what I believe!

Year-on-Year things are changing a lot in the business world, and reshaping the trends for business, framing it in a global economic picture.

Customers are not conventional any more. With the abundant availability of resources online on the internet, they will suffice their purchasing needs by primary research and prior brainstorming, driving it to a perfect purchase.

The websites will let them know sufficiently about the firm, company products, its values, its ethics, its features, its prices, and its substitutes.

Till a customer reaches the product, buys it, he/she has already known the product adequately. Hence, the traditional 'Buyer's Journey' has now changed to realistic ways that strengthen their purchasing power and the buying decision.

Well, the question is, Why should a business serve its community and not just buyers? The answer to it rounds up in the below story.

1. To Publicize Business by Customer’s Word of Mouth

A customer served well will speak loud in the market about the product business offered him/her. Word of mouth is a powerful tool to publicize business.

Negative word of mouth must spread quicker than the positive one. To serve the entire community rather than its customers is a necessity of business for elevating the company‘s reputation as a whole.

The companies not concentrating on serving their communities better may lose business opportunities in the future. If a business wants to survive today, it needs to target the community and not just the buyers.

2. To Benefit the Business

The statement “What goes around comes around” fits the context here perfectly. While any business is busy serving the customers well, it receives the same response.

A firm that attends a broader community is indirectly doing good to itself. It will have a positive impact on its own organization, which will increase the performance, personnel involvement, motivation, morale, and energy level.

On serving the community that belongs to Generation Z, the firm is inviting values, social responsibility, and integrity to its business. The doctrines that this community follows will compel a company to do better to oneself.

3. To Ease the Economy Enrich

Perhaps the phrase ‘Corporate Social Responsibility‘ since coined has done a lot of welfare for the society, nation, and for the world, too! It bound businesses to contribute a pre-decided portion to do good to the public.

Well, a firm must get out of its customer base and think of a vast community. Serving the communities will ease the economy to enrich and prove the statement "Business is a part and parcel of the society" right.

I advise business enterprises to help the community and not just customers to let them support and serve the business. Who knows, serving an enormous community may turn all of them into its customers!

4. To Make Them Satisfied With the Service

If we run out and interview communities to address one question about business, i.e., "Are you satisfied with the businesses you purchase from?" and if we receive "This business supports us, so let’s support this business.” as an answer, then I believe businesses are satisfying the needs of a society.

The company must serve the communities on a large scale to enhance the satisfaction level. The business house that aims at serving communities well would widen their business wings and could expect exceptional returns.

If you serve the same community to whom you sell your products, you will have an excellent reputation - that's an absurd reality!

Final Thoughts

Business needs to twiddle their tasks and start addressing communities. Multiple companies have realized how super important this concept is and have made a move with it.

So, do you operate a business? How do you serve your customers? What best you can do for them? Start serving customer communities better and be their actual hero!


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