What is Serverless?

In this article, the general idea of serverless is explained.


Nadir Basalamah

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When develop a web application especially in deployment phase, a server needs to be configured correctly in order to deploy the web application that already developed. Sometimes server configuration is not an easy task especially for new web framework or someone that is not familiar with server configuration.

What is Serverless ?

Because of the server configuration complexity problems, the serverless technology comes into play. Serverless is a mechanism to execute a code without dealing with the server configuration. Basically, the code that stored in a serverless service is a function that can be called by other applications including web and mobile application.

Advantages of Serverless

Serverless allows to execute a code without dealing with the server configuration. The server configuration or server optimization is handled by the serverless service provider. The serverless is suitable for fast respond application like Backend Application that implements REST API. The cost of using serverless is based on the function or a code that used or called by the other applications.

Drawbacks of Serverless

Serverless is not suitable for the computation tha consumes a lot of time including deep learning process or computation that related with machine learning or big data.

Serverless Examples

There are many serverless provider including Amazon Lambda, Google Cloud Function and Serverless using Netlify.


I hope this article is helpful to understand the general concept of serverless. If you have any thoughts you can write in the comments below.


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