How can I set up Cash app Direct Deposit? 3 easy steps

Don’t know about the process of enabling the feature of Cash app Direct Deposit? Don’t be stressed as this blog will tell you everything:


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Cash App Direct Deposit
Cash App Direct Deposit

Don’t know about the process of enabling the feature of Cash app Direct DepositDon’t be stressed as this blog will tell you everything:

Direct deposits let a user to get payment of up to $25,000 in just one direct deposit and $50,000 in a day from the employer. You’ll have to first enable this feature to get its benefits. Find out how to set up direct deposit with these steps:

How to set up a Cash app direct deposit to get money from employer?

Setting up of a direct deposit is useful in many ways as it can let you get payment from the employer direct in your cash app. With this feature of Cash App direct deposit, one can receive up to $25,000 in each direct deposit and up to $50,000 in a period of 24 hours. Here are the easy steps through which you can enable the direct deposit:

1.    Search routing or account number

To set up your direct deposit account, one needs to have the routing and account numbers also. You’ll have to give this to your employer. For this, you need to tap on the “Banking” tab from the home screen of the Cash App. From here, you can look for the routing and account number options. This option will be seen below the Cash App balance.

2.    Fill out the direct deposit form to send to the employer

In the next step, you will have to copy and paste the routing numbers in your direct deposit form. Enter the details and complete the Cash App direct deposit form to send it to the employer.

3.    Input your signature in the form

Your direct deposit form also needs a signature. In the next step, just add your signature, choose the option to email the form and input your employer’s contact information to send it.

Why cash app direct deposit is not showing on my account?

This happens because of a number of reasons such as technical glitches at the cash app server. If you are not getting the payment in your cash app account then you should look at the time at which it hit the account. Direct deposits hit the account 2 days sooner than other general money transactions. But, it might get late because of some technical error. In such a situation, try checking with your bank to get answers for this.


With Cash app Direct Depositit’s easy for a salaried person to get payment in their cash app account from the employer. Here we have discussed all the easy steps of setting up the direct deposit to get your money with ease.


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