How To Set an Intention and Manifest Your Future in the Present

I planted the seeds of Middle-Pause and Stomp! long before they blossomed.


Debbie Walker

3 years ago | 3 min read

Intentions. This word has been debated, meditated, and “philosph-ated” since people could not decide its meaning. Yet, this word transformed my life.

Some statisticians debate whether an intention is a real and measurable thing. Philosophers sit on high mountains meditating about intention. People in church explain that setting an intention is simply faith.

I always wanted to break out of my dull existence and believe in a thing to happen. A wild thing.

Something I knew in my heart I was supposed to do. But I didn’t know how to express it or what to do about it.

My purpose. An intention.

The good news is I figured out my intention and how to set it. The process is simple, and I am happy to share how I manifested my desires.


For most of my life, I felt invisible and powerless. Yet, I had an aching for something more.

I yearned to see and be seen. But I didn’t have a clear idea of what that meant.

I wanted to express myself and didn’t know how. But, again, I felt powerless. I wanted to engage with people. But I didn’t know who.

I felt between the proverbial rock and a hard place. I imagine you’ve dangled on that same ledge, too. Looking out from behind my rock, I imagined I was a superhero with the power to fix my problems.

Run to the future.

I am The Flash. I run like lightning to the future and bring it back to the present.

Now, I can devise solutions to help me reach people. But I was stuck because I didn’t have a clear idea of how or who.

Okay. I set my intention. I want to write, make money, and help people. So I decided to meditate on this one sentence. It was too broad, though.

I narrowed my intention to focus on a more specific statement. Intentions will change. They are fluid according to the need.

Speak and write my intention.

I created this statement:

I am a financially successful published author and speaker.

I wrote it down on paper and drew stick-figure pictures of my intention. Then, I drew my stick-self sitting at a table typing on my laptop.

My stick people were running to buy my book, sitting up in their hospital bed helped by my words, and paying money for my writing.

I drew a rough outline of a printer to represent the publishing aspect of my intention. It looked more like a toilet, but I knew what it meant.

Then I taped my piece of the future in the kitchen, bedroom, and hallway. I wanted a visual representation before my eyes to make it real.

So I can see.

But I still didn’t have a clue how this would play out. So I continued to look at and talk about this future with everyone I met. But, more importantly, I prayed about it and had faith.

Then, 2019 happened.

Action in the present.

In May 2019, I joined a writing community that changed my life, NinjaWriters. On June 28, 2019, I wrote my first article.

In November 2019, I created Middle-Pause, for the women in the middle. In. that publication, I asked for help and invited others to be on my team.

We created a sisterhood of women who encourage, inspire, and empower each other.

Next, we brainstormed a podcast for women and founded STOMP! (Stronger Together on Middle-Pause). Also, we are compiling an anthology of articles from Middle-Pause women to be published in an ebook.

What now?

A Middle-Pause Press is in the works. We haven’t decided on a name yet, so it’s still in the future.

Right now, I am creating a Vision Board to share at the next team meeting. I’ll put down what we have already done and the possibilities of the future.

For example, I want to reach out to influencers and showcase our writers on other platforms. Not everything is on there yet.

I pulled my stick-people out for another journey. They are running all over the place, setting intentions.

My life is no longer boring. Instead, I am on a wild and free adventure. My path is clear, and I can see. This is an amazing manifestation of a one-sentence intention I set 16 years ago.

I am no longer powerless and invisible. And neither are you.


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