How to set life Goals and actually achieve them!

Education system only worked on subjects and information, focused on getting good grades so that a student can get a good college and finally land up in a high


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How to set Life Goals and actually achieve them is a life skill that has never been part of our education system.

Education system only worked on subjects and information, focused on getting good grades so that a student can get a good college and finally land up in a high paying job to live a so-called settled life.

As per the mental programming done in school time and by the family culture most of the goals were set to live a common man’s life good enough to only fulfil social and cultural responsibilities.

If you are living that life I want to ask you a question:


If YES, it’s great. I am happy for you.

If your answer is NO, you must be asking yourself these questions:

  1. Is this all about life?
  2. Is it possible making it better somehow?
  3. Am I alive just to breathe, pay the bill and take care of family responsibilities?
  4. What else is possible?
  5. How I can change my profession and have a life I really want?

Do you know what is the biggest problem of men today?

The biggest problem is MEN DON’T THINK (PS: Men symbolizes humans here, men and women both)

Men don’t really think. Image: Rebel Circus

Now, you may be saying, What, I don’t think?

Why men don’t think?

Because you are always busy doing something, working in the office, watching TV, Netflix, being on social media and you think about everything that is outside of you.

You think about the outer world, and that makes you worried about yourself at a subconscious level and takes away your happiness.

You are only forced to think about things that have no real significance in your life, and that is making you feel small.

Reading articles about someone’s success, someone’s massive wealth and how they achieved it, World cup on the mind all the time these days and thinking how a player should play better, what is happening in Bollywood, and how bad the world is as seen from the cameras of media in your country.  

Let me ask you a question here:

Did you ever sit in complete silence, disconnected from the outer world and think about your own self?

Did you ever think about:

  1. How can I grow my financial life?
  2. How can I have a better health?
  3. How can I have a new skill set?
  4. How can I travel more and have new experiences?
  5. How can I help other people?
  6. How can I grow spiritually and become a better version of myself?

If not, you are inviting multiple issues in your life.

Why I always focus on having crystal clear goals in life?

People who have personal life goals (set without any external influence) are 10 timesmore successful than people who never had goals irrespective of their educational background and degrees.

A study done by Harvard on their students revealed this:

  • 84% of people had no goals.
  • 13% of people had goals but never written in a paper.
  • 3% of people had goals written on paper and also had plans to execute and achieve their goals.

10 years later these students and their lives were studied again.

Result: 3% of people were earning 10 times more money than 97% were cumulatively earning. Shocking, yes that is the power of having written goals, creating plans and executing them step by step.

Education is training the mind to think. Image: Pinterest

That’s none other than Sir Albert Einstein, a man with the most amazing brain, also biologically expanded his brain size by forcing himself to think.

Ever wondered how people come up with new discoveries and new ideas?

Simple, they think in silence about what they seek and how they can get there.

We read the books written by them and we feel we are educated. Well, we got it all wrong about education as well.

How to set goals the right way?

  1. Forget about your job, business or any profession that you are part of.
  2. Forget about what society told you must do.
  3. Forget about what your parents, brother, sister wants you to do.
  4. Forget about what your friends think will be good for you.

Think About these aspects of life and what you really want in all these areas of your life without worrying about how it will happen.

Most of the people don’t write goals because they first think about how it will happen, and because it hasn’t happened as of now, mentally programming says it can’t happen now either.

Areas of life you should think about while writing your goals:

  1. Health and wellness goals
  2. Financial goals
  3. Relationships goals
  4. Hobbies and Fun goals
  5. Spiritual goals
  6. Personal growth, intellectual, character, work ethics, behaviour.
  7. Inner circle (what quality of people you want around you)
  8. Environment (where do you really to live, where you want to travel, what kind of hotels you want to stay in, what kind of car you want to drive)

You are CEO of your life and you are the worker as well, Think how much time are you investing in your personal development (the most underrated area when it comes to goal setting).

Good thing is that you are not going to leave yourself, so invest the most in personal development.

Our society only asked us to think about career and finance. What about the rest of human life factors? How to achieve your goals?

A simplest possible way to achieve your goals is to find someone who has already similar goals and take step by step guidance.

When we travel to unknown destinations, we use google map. Similarly, a mentor will act as a google map. The only thing you have to do is to follow the path towards your dreams.
Quote by Tony Robbins on success.

If you have read this article till the end and you have anything where I can help you in life, reach out to me through LinkedIn.

Love and Regards

Sourabh Goyal


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