Sex, Money And Peace

What stage of life are you in?


Vance Larson CHt

a year ago | 2 min read

Stages. We all go through them. But what's interesting, is that when we are in them, we more than likely think that they will last forever. They will not. At age 57, I am a completely different person than I was 5 years ago. In reality, than 5 months ago. But  for thepurposes of this article, I will simplify my thought process. 

In my teens and early to mid 20's, like many of us, I was all about the party. I was kind of a good dude, but I was really all about the night life. Even when I gave up drinking at age 22, I just liked to be where the action was. I liked meeting people. I liked not knowing where the night was going to take me. Stage 1. 

In my mid 20's and into my late 30's, I was all in on my career. While I still enjoyed the night life, I went though a lot of education {picking up 2 degrees}, and focused on building my professional reputation. And with the reputation came a lot of money. I really enjoyed the money. I traveled a lot. Dated a lot. But mostly, worked a lot. Chasing money in a way became my addiction. Stage 2.

In my 40's, I became obsessed with peace. I was always a spiritual cat, but then I got wifed up. The woman I married was on her own spiritual journey. She too, did not like complicated. We spent a lot of time in nature. We added a sanctuary to our house. We gave away lots of money to our favorite charities. We just wanted quiet. Stage 3. 

I wonder what the next stage is going to be? I suspect that it will be a deeper level of where we are now. I believe if were lucky, we evolve into humans that sees more than ourselves. Maybe I'm wrong. But seeing my wife, friends and family evolve, levels me up. This stage of my life requires that I be on the right side of truth...always! And as I reflect back on the stages of the night life and money, they were not wasted. I enjoyed them very much. Some would probably say a little too much. But that is what I have learned along the way. I am either all in, locked in, or I am a ghost. I simply have no time for anything that goes against my peace. Sure, we can co-exist. I just won't participate. 

The drinking, partying and sex, I did it well. The building a successful career, I did even better. So as I write these last chapters of this book {my life}, I want to do them the best. Not because of ego. But because I have lived through some very horrific days. And if I can enlighten or inspire even one person as they go through theirs, it would have all been worth it.  


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