I Shouldn’t Have To Write This Essay

But the GOP is stubborn and ridiculous.


elizabeth grey

3 years ago | 3 min read

I am so tired of absurdities.

I usually spend a lot of time backing up every statement I write with links to supporting research. This essay is a little different. I am not providing any links, because every word in it is common sense.

And I am really pissed off. Do your own damned research.

Every day, I start the same essay. Every day, I do not finish it. I move on to something else. Something that makes sense.

Today is the day I finish.

There should be no need for this essay; besides, every other writer capable of critical thinking is writing some version of it. There should be no need to point out that which is obvious to the entirety of, say, Europe. However, with Donald Trump in the White House, and Mitch McConnell in control of the Senate, it’s reason be damned, 24 hours a day.

There needs to be a comprehensive, nationwide strategy to combat Covid-19.

The first order of business is requiring everyone, everywhere, to put on a mask. No one, anywhere, should be out in public without one.

Second, every state needs to base their reopening on the same model New York uses, helmed by Governor Cuomo. New York was in a terrible fix in April. We have recovered because our governor listened to scientists who know what they’re talking about; not the president, who is clearly, disastrously, incompetent.

Third, we need the $600 extension of Pandemic Unemployment Insurance to be extended for at least another three months, and probably through the end of the year. I know I will not be able to pay my mortgage without it, or my real estate taxes. I assume the 30,000,000 other people out of work face similar, terrifying situations.

No one is going back inside to school. Virtual learning, or classes outside, through December are the only alternatives. Pick one. You do not get to send anyone — teachers, maintenance workers, or children — into a building potentially full of a virus that can kill them.

The GOP had a plan. They thought that by August, the number of infected Americans would be down. They thought by August, schools would be ready to reopen.

Get a grip on yourselves, Republicans. Your plan didn’t work. We are not ready to reopen.

The Republican plan didn’t work because Republicans wanted to play both sides of the coin.

Let the states decide, they said.

The $600 takes away the incentive to go back to work, they said.

Here’s what happened, as a result of this doublespeak.

I was supposed to start training for my job with the Census, today. However, my mother’s 91st birthday was last week. She lives in another state.

Before I left, I checked the list of states from which travelers to New York must quarantine for two weeks. My mother’s state wasn’t on it. I left.

The day before my return, it was added to the list.

Here I am, once again, in quarantine.

I called the Census office and asked what I should do.

I was told I had to quarantine, and to call when I am done. Hopefully other training will be available at a later date.

So, I stay on unemployment. Because Republicans thought they could outsmart a pandemic. I do not appreciate that this is also the week that the $600 benefit ends. Thanks a lot, irony.

My situation isn’t even in the ballpark of rational. Everyone who is out of work knows unemployment is temporary. However, it would be nice if there were policies in effect which would enable us to return to work.

There is no strategy — none — to keep students safe if they were to return to school. There is no strategy to keep teachers well. The strategy seems to be,

Okay, some people will die. (150,000 so far, if you are counting.) It will be a big mess, but eventually we’ll have a vaccine. Meanwhile, we will keep the economy going.

No, you will not.

You can’t keep the economy going. If kids aren’t safe in school, and can’t go to daycare, their parents cannot work. That’s just one tiny part of your strategy that is so flawed it’s embarrassing it ever came out of your mouths.

The deficit will increase. However, the more we do this, the more it will increase. Of that, all people of good sense can agree.

Give it up. Give up the S600. Give up your non-plan. And most of all, give up the presidency and put your efforts into pushing through a 25th Amendment measure.

This is ridiculous.

*Number of American lives lost as of September 21, 2020, is over 200,000.

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