How To Significantly Reduce the Anxiety During Crisis

There’s one thing that’s not so important as it might seem


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3 years ago | 2 min read

Many of us are trapped inside our homes, waiting for the COVID-19 to resign. The date is still unknown; nobody knows what can we expect.

People are getting depressed, not so much because of their losses, but because of dealing with the whole situation. This is a war fought with minds, not with guns.

As an individual, you have a lot of power in how you perceive the whole situation. The reality your brain will create for you depends on the input you gave to it.

Feeding your mind with catastrophic news will only induce more panic. Anxious thoughts will surely increase the traumatic effect of the whole period.

One has to ask itself — are all the important news really so important for you to hear? How do they alter your reality?

You Decide About the Significance of Content

People are telling you that you must be informed these days. What does it mean?

Am I classified as an informed person if I know about every new COVID-19 case on the planet? Or about all the other negative situations which are happening right now?

The content you consume converts into the thoughts passing through your mind. Those thoughts make many more arise, creating your perspective of the world.

“Knowing” about all the negativity will induce a great panic in your mind. You will be constantly worrying about your health and future, making the negative outcome way likelier.

You attract what you think, and you receive what you believe.

The crisis has to be respected. But being constantly in a state of anxiety and depression isn’t what respect means.

Stay strong, and focus on the positivity. Help others if you’re able to, or increase the overall state of humanity’s wellbeing by helping yourself first.

Check the news once a day, but don’t let them eat you alive. Imagine the minds of people during WW2 if they had access to every single piece of negative information.

What’s going on is well known; increasing the level of negativity isn’t necessary. You decide whether it is for you. A huge depression is created by your mind, not by the situation.

“People are not disturbed by things, but by the views they take of them.” — Epictetus
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