Silence is my Superpower. Steal it And Rule The World

“If there were a little more silence, if we all kept quiet…maybe we could understand something.”


Yousuf Rafi

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How to use silence to your advantage?

If you’ve met me in real life, you might leave with an impression that I am a boring guy. Why? Because first I don’t speak with strangers that easily. I usually observe, stay silent and notice the pattern. The body language, the emotions, and face reading.

Some people consider silence as a lack of confidence, but what they don’t know is when you stay quiet you get the chance to observe the people around you.

Here are some quick ways in which you can learn a lot about people, about the surroundings and make smart decisions:

How to turn silence into your greatest strength?

Imagine your boss is shouting at you. Now, even if it’s not your mistake you can see that the boss is quite aggressive.

If you react to the situation and reply instantly, it will not be a good one. But if you stay silent between the conversation and speak only when asked, you’ll gain a lot by observing your boss.

You’ll learn patience, calmness, and even more about your mistake. So, the next time someone in your office shouts at you, instead of responding, just stay silent.

And even if you get an urge to say something, simply accept your mistake (if it was your mistake), and if it’s not yours, wait for the boss to finish his conversation and then speak the truth, calmly.

I still remember the first day of work at my current job. I went straight to my cubical without saying a word or laying eyes on anymore. I knew the eyes were following me, but I kept silent. For the first two weeks, I hardly talked with people around me.

They considered me a boring person. But on the contrary, people considered me super smart. Because when silent people speak, people listen. So, once I started opening up in meetings, people started respecting me.

To leave a solid impression on people, don’t talk a lot in the first meeting. Try to observe more. Take mental notes of someone’s subtle shifts in body language in order to figure out how they operate.

Moreover, when you sit among people with high intelligence, you hardly can talk at first. So, the best approach is to read the energy.

Listen to what they are talking about and ask questions from their conversation to learn more. You’ll be able to learn a lot more if you listen patiently, and people will also consider you smart.

I suggest spending some time each day with yourself. Write a journal, talk to yourself. Have a conversation with GOD. Share your worries, share your feelings. When you talk to talk, it gives you ultimate peace. And when you get mindful about your life, GOD opens miraculous doors.

“If there were a little more silence, if we all kept quiet…maybe we could understand something.” ~Federico Fellini


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