A Simple And Effective Way To Calm Your Mind

Learn to calm your monkey mind


Kenan Kolday

3 years ago | 3 min read

This is a world dominated by speed, pleasures, and wild consumption, creating an uncontrollable addiction. Do you ever recognize how rarely you stop and watch something simple? Even if you stop taking a breath, can you completely listen to your heart and feel the beauty and compassion around you?

When is the last time that you did not rush to a meeting? Are you finding yourself buying things you do not really need and spending your money on things that do not matter at the end of the day?

Welcome to the world of speed, pleasures, and wild consumption then.

As I wrote before, there are 3 things we need to control to establish inner peace. All esoteric, mystic, and occult teachings, similarly but in different ways, focus on these 3 faculties.

  1. Tranquilize your monkey mind — the state of inability to control your thoughts as they jump from one thought to another like a monkey on a tree because of emotional attachment.
  2. Silence your inner judge — the state of labeling, classifying, generalizing, condemning, criticizing, judging anything that is not in line with what you know and believe.
  3. Stop the fight between your mind and the heart — the endless fight between the ego`s drives and desires vs. your conscience and inner voice.

Meditation is a great tool to achieve this hard task. It helps your brain waves to switch from Beta to Alpha state, activates the anterior singulat section of your brain, fires the spindle neurons (also called Economo neurons), and helps release the happy hormones — D.O.S.E. (Dopamine, Oxytocin, Serotonin, and Endorphin).

I will help you with a quick method to silence your monkey mind. It is the first step to any type of meditation to master mindfulness.

Find a comfortable place you like.
Make sure to take a measure to avoid any external factors that will disturb you.
Turn on a piece of meditative music, burn some candles, and place a symbol in front of you to focus. A mudra will also help anchor your mind to establish the initial stage of meditation.
Sit comfortably. Try the lotus position if you can, but sitting on a chair with straight is also good enough if that is how you can meditate comfortably.
Close your eyes and focus on your breath.
Inhale 4 seconds and exhale 6 seconds to help your parasympathetic nervous system to help your mind relax. Do this for a few minutes.
You will now start counting but in a unique way. You will count backward and forward at the same time. Here is the pattern. 99 & 1, 98 & 2, 97 & 3,96 & 4. The total of these 2 numbers needs to give 100 to make it easier to count this way.

Try this tough method of dual counting until the end, and you will recognize that you will do nothing but focus on counting.


  1. Because it is hard to count this way and you focus your energy to make it happen
  2. You will fail in your first attempts to count. Nevertheless, that will make you a bit angry, giving you the drive to try harder. Thus, you will be left with only one activity to focus
  3. The brain works similar to a computer with short-term memory (RAM) and long term memory. There is a part in the pre-frontal lobe of your brain that acts as a RAM. It has a limited capacity to hold information until it transfers t to long-term memory. Scientific research says that an average person can run a maximum of 7 things simultaneously with a sensitivity of +/- 2 activities. Anything more than will deplete your mental resources and cloud your mind. Moments of depression and stress will further reduce your capability. The counting mentioned above is a tough one that will require all your RAM memory, enabling you to stop the monkey mind and focus it on what you want.

It is simple and effective. Try it unless you believe it. It is for free.



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