Six Leadership Quotes That Will Inspire You

Show your team how amazing they are.


Kit Campoy

3 years ago | 4 min read

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Have you ever questioned your entire career?

I used to. I have been given the worst advice from some of my leaders over the years. I was told that I cared too much about making sure that my team has fun at work. I have been told that everyone needs to be top sellers (not possible).

I have been left to fend for myself and rifle through resources when my bosses were nowhere to be seen. I once asked my District Manager about the company’s filing procedures for the end of the month. I was new to the company.

She told me to open one of the month-end boxes and see what was in it. She made it clear right away that I was on my own.

Luckily I have a persistent nature. I am tenacious and I eventually found some great partners as I worked my way through different management positions. I eventually found leaders that showed me how to have fun, be myself, and get a ton of stuff done while increasing sales.

This is totally possible but it took me years to realize that I could foster this environment; I didn’t have to listen to the terrible advice that was being handed down to me.

The great leaders I have had were fearless with a strong sense of integrity. They moved through the day quickly with a full calendar and yet somehow they made time for everyone. Each person felt included and felt like their voice was heard.

Going to work each day was an adventure, it was fun, there was something to learn, and the team was tight-knit.

I have collected a few quotes from industry leaders that reinforce my belief that if you are honest with people and treat them well, your team will thrive. These quotes are spot-on and they will inspire you too.

“The true value of a leader is not measured by the work they do. A leader’s true value is measured by the work they inspire others to do”. — Simon Sinek

I am inspired by Sinek’s work. This one resonated with me because I truly believe that your title means nothing and that if you are not lifting those around you up, you have no business in your position.

“Great leaders believe they work for their team, average leaders believe their team works for them.” — Alexander Den Heijer.

Some of the worst leaders I have ever worked with believed that the team worked for them and that they were above whatever task that they delegated out. That kind of outlook crushes morale.

“You don’t inspire your teammates by showing them how amazing you are. You inspire them by showing them how amazing they are.” — Robyn Benincasa

A few years ago I had two young women that were learning the business. We let them run the sales floor together during one of the busiest days of the holiday rush. They were stressed, they ran around, they helped each other out…they did it. They didn’t know if they could at first but they did it! You can do anything when you have someone that believes in you.

“It is amazing what you can accomplish if you do not care who gets the credit.” — Harry S. Truman.

I love that this is so simple and direct. Too often we get caught up in who gets credit for what. Let’s all roll up our sleeves and make this a great place to work. (I’m not saying steal someone else’s idea. Don’t do that. Give credit where credit is due).

“There is no magic formula for great company culture. The key is just to treat your staff how you would like to be treated.” — Sir Richard Branson.

This one seems very obvious, however, too often the people that work at the corporate level will come to visit buildings and treat those people as less-than. They are cold and disingenuous. I have quit companies because of this attitude. We are all humans working toward the same goal…let’s connect.

“Try never to be the smartest person in the room. And if you are, I suggest you invite smarter people or find a different room.” — Michael Dell

This one is near and dear to me. I remember vividly leaving a job once and saying, “I want to go work with people that are smarter than me.” I did and I learned an immense amount. It was a huge challenge and it was really difficult at times and it was worth it — all of it.

Every once in a while you see a quote that makes your brain light up. You find a kinship, inspiration, or validation. Something that may change your mindset or your view.

The great ones can even spark a change in you that can ripple and become a positive change to those around you. With a chance for that — I will keep searching for those special words that hold meaning and can drive positive change.


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