Six Tips to Build Awareness for Your Tech Startup

Six tips to help you build awareness for your tech startup.


Isaac Hammelburger

3 years ago | 3 min read

You have built a tech startup to provide an outstanding solution, but it is not necessary that all the people will understand your idea in the beginning.

Yeah, it happens. Sometimes, your target audience is not able to understand initially how brilliant your idea is.

And the task to explain the concept of your startup is on your shoulders. Whether you deal in AI chatbots or you provide an eCommerce platform to farmers or you run a P2P gadget rental service, people might need some help to understand about it.

In this article, I'm going to explain the six tips to help you build awareness for your tech startup.

1. Create Tons of Useful Content

Creating content that benefits your prospects is the first step towards building awareness. Write articles, make videos and design infographics regularly to make your prospects well-informed.

Use the tactics of content marketing artfully to get leads simultaneously. Tech startups like Asana, HubSpot and many others built their base by focusing on content marketing.

When people see your content regularly, they will follow you and gradually understand how you and your startup can help them.

Address your target audience’s pain points through your content and educate them about the purpose of your startup. Show people what you do.

2. Explore Opportunities for Being Interviewed

Appearing in various interviews can provide a significant boost to brand awareness of your startup.

By talking about the latest trends, bringing insights about your industry and showing yourself as a problem solver, you can create a buzz around your startup.

So, reach out to magazines, local radio channels or podcast hosts who invite guests for interviews. Many online publications too, interview budding startups. You can pitch in to check if they’re looking for guests.

Keep an eye open for opportunities. And when you grab one, show your authority.

3. Start a Podcast to Help the Community

Podcasts are popular, and they are perfect to explain your startup idea in an easy way. Pack your podcast with relevant information and content, which will help the community.

You can talk about what you do, answer the frequently asked questions of your target audience and provide actionable tips to get them through their struggles. Better you’re in engaging your listeners, the higher chances you will have for getting people interested in your startup.

Launch a podcast to offer relevant solutions. And your startup will soon be a household name.

4. Choose the Right Platform to Spread the Word

It won’t be fruitful if your target audience is hanging out on YouTube, and you’re trying to entice them on Facebook. Knowing where your audience lies is the key to boosting brand awareness.

So, find if they’re on Reddit, Twitter or looking out for solutions on a niche tech forum. And be there; listening to them and helping them with appropriate solutions.

Get into the right platform, enter the discussions and spread the word out about your startup.

5. Adopt a Freemium Model If You Can

People love free products, and a freemium model for your tech startup can create plenty of awareness. It will attract many eyeballs to your services.

Even if you can’t go for a freemium service model, you can offer free trials.

Getting helpful features for free will pull in many prospects to use your product. You can also offer incentives or unlock paid services to encourage people to refer to others.

So, adopt a freemium model if you can and promote your offers to your target audience.

6. Write Guest Posts

Contributing valuable guest articles to niche sites and renowned blogs in your industry can also help you in creating some awareness for your tech solution startup.

Through guest posting, you can make a name for yourself and your new founded startup.

Along with spreading awareness, guest writing on popular websites would portray you as a thought leader and boost your start-up’s branding too.

You should create practical articles to share on the websites known among your target audience. Write guest posts which are unique and memorable, and which help you share the idea and the vision of your startup among the readers.

Final words

Popularizing your tech startup and getting it the recognition it deserves, isn’t an easy task. But being out in front of your audience, supporting them and marketing your startup alongside will bring the benefits for sure.

So let your expertise to be known to those who matter and make them aware of your solution. Suit up and work on your strategy.

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