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Now that we all are working from home or under self-quarantine, boredom is bound to take over. Learning new skills increases your motivation, makes you more adaptable, relatable, interesting and helps you get better jobs and earn money.


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Now that we all are working from home or under self-quarantine, boredom is bound to take over. So, we are left with two options, either we spend our time at home watching movies, web series, or Netflix, or we can learn some skills which will be helpful in our future. Learning new skills increases your motivation, makes you more adaptable, relatable, interesting and helps you get better jobs and earn money. Thus, if you want to learn some new skills here are a few which I suggest you learn.

Start Learning

First, you should make up your mind that you want to learn something. At first, you would feel slightly disorganized, feel bored, even distracted, and could not understand fully. These are some common feelings that everyone feels. But you can do practice, as we all know the importance of knowledge and skills.

Everyone likes a skillful and knowledgeable person. Just think about how that particular skill can enhance you, how that particular activity can impact your life, what are its benefits. You can also note down the answers of these and each time you thought about giving up just go through the page you wrote these and it will help you to keep learning. I tried I tried it and it really helps a lot. The hardest thing is to start something, to think of how this new step would be helpful.

So, you must make up your mind and start working hard.

Public Speaking and soft skills

It’s very important for the shy introvert person. I never wanted to do this. In school, I never spoke up. But it’s important as it will not only increase your confidence but will create a great impact on the person or the audience you are talking to. Your actions, word selection, body language, even your hand movements will keep your listeners interactive and interested

Public speaking is not that speaking on stage giving a speech, it meant learning how you would give presentations in meetings, impress your boss and clients. Soft skills are also useful in establishing good communication with your colleagues. These skills mainly increase your confidence and create a great impact on your life. These skills not only teach you to speak efficiently but also improve your listening skills.

Nobody likes to talk to a rude, lazy, or an arrogant person. A person with good speaking potential would attract everyone.

Meditation and yoga

Meditation is one of those skills that we think we didn’t think meditation is a skill, we can never learn techniques to meditate well. But it’s wrong. We think that if we want to stay fit and healthy we should join a gym or a fitness center. Why spend money if you can simply do yoga at your home for free. No need for rigorous workouts, just start slow and put in more effort.

You should know the way how you can relax your mind, even if you feel you’re too nervous. What’s important that a lot of people don’t realize is that it takes time to learn it. Don’t try once and leave, thinking it’s of no use. Meditate at least once a day for at least 5 minutes. You’ll feel all types of emotions. It’s also important that you practice where you won’t be disturbed. And as a beginner, try where there isn’t too much ambient noise.

If you want to live a stress-less life try meditation.


None of us want to be a writer. But writing is not only writing some novels or storybooks, you can make your blog, write articles and tell the world what are your views on a particular topic. You can also write a memorable moment or some happy memory and share it with the world. You can also improve your speaking in that particular language, learn new words and improve your vocabulary.

Like any skill, you learn by doing. You get feedback from others and can improve based on it. No need to write every day and boring stuff. Start writing 300 words a day. For writing a lot you should read a lot, so, besides it increases your reading skill, speed and memorizing power.

It forces you to dig deeper and do your very best.


Like writing, reading is an amazing skill to learn. Having a reading habit opens up your mind and also increases your imagination, pronunciation, and writing skills. If you want to develop a healthy reading habit, read a page or two or can read for like 15 to 30 minutes per day and keep on increasing it.

At first, you would feel boring and want to do something else but when you start reading daily there is no going back. You can read an article, short stories, a novel, or a biography, etc. Whatever you want. There are many genres in this field and you will feel happy if you develop this habit. You can also help other writers by giving them feedback on their work.

A good reader is always a good writer and vice versa.


Some of you will say that coding is only for engineers and engineering students, not everyone needs to learn this. Coding is not only used for creating programs or software, you can also create games, websites, calculators, and much more. But coding is for everyone.

Ever imagined if you were able to create a website on your own. Would it be not amazing if you built up a small python game for fun and let your siblings play that new game? Just wonder you are working on an app created by you. There are many languages for you to learn.

You only need to figure out what you want to do.

Learn a Foreign Language

Now think you are visiting any foreign country, say, Japan, and you somehow got lost there and your phone is dead and you don’t know where you need to go and you can’t read the directions as they are written in some other language and no one around you speaks English or a language you are familiar with. What will you do in this kind of situation?

In these types of situations, you wish you know how to communicate in that language. Not only this, learning a foreign language opens up a world of job opportunities.

Hearing someone speaking a foreign language is incredibly sexy and it can make you more attractive, interesting, and helps you better understand different cultures.


Everyone is a bathroom singer or wants to sing their favorite songs. No matter if you have a good voice or not if you have an interest in music, you should learn it. Doing something of your interest will definitely keep you and your mind happy and we all know a happy mind means a healthy body.

If you want to be a singer and you have a good voice you can definitely improve yourself and learn a new note and can improve yourself. It’s not necessary you want to be a part of a singing reality show, for your interest you can do it. You can start a YouTube channel or post singing videos on your social media accounts.

It not only improves your singing quality, but also improves your voice modulation, your speech, and most importantly your confidence.

Learn a musical instrument

You are a good singer and going to perform in some kind of stage show and your friend who is going to play guitar with you is stuck in traffic or cannot be there in time, and you don’t know how to play guitar and are helpless. What are you gonna do now?

Don’t think much its better if you learn how to play guitar or any other instrument. It adds an extra skill to your resume and it would be a great idea to play your favorite instrument to refresh your mind.

And maybe you can impress someone with your music skills.


Cooking is a beneficial skill, teaching about different types of ingredients and healthy eating. Students and young adults, in general, forget about the importance and the benefits of cooking for themselves. No one can eat junk food every day and every time, and everyone knows it’s not healthy for your body.

It creates a culture of giving and receiving positive energy to the people around you. Hang with friends. Cooking helps create time for hanging out with family and friends, having fun, and making memories that you will keep for the rest of your life. You can also teach your children to cook for themselves.

Don’t depend on someone else to cook for you, start cooking healthy food on your own.

Moreover, there are skills like, dancing, martial arts, karate, acting, communication, and many more which you can learn while at home and be confident and be safe and independent. Whether professionally or personally extra skills always give you a plus point.

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