Smart Sensors: Game Changers For Every Industry Across The Globe

Smart sensor expected to reach $60 billion by 2022, according to a study by Allied Market Research


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Industrial automation and the Internet of Things (IoT) have taken the evolution of sensors to a higher level. Our world is surrounded by smart sensors. From wristwatches to smartphones, we use uncountable smart sensors including ultrasound, light, infrared, motion, and even air quality sensors. The era of smart sensors has just begun.

If we look at stats, the global smart sensor industry has witnessed significant growth since 2014. In fact, it is expected to reach $60 billion by 2022, according to a study published by Allied Market Research. The robust growth in the automobile sector, the inclination of society toward IoT, and rising security threats are the prime drivers for market growth.

The most attractive trend in the sensor industry is to go smaller and smaller while improving performance and durability. The recent technological developments in the smart sensor market are nothing but bliss for almost every sector across the world.

What’s more, we are sitting on the verge of the industrial revolution based on the advancements in smart sensors.

Smart sensors to sense presence

Elliptic Labs, an AI virtual smart sensor platform, has introduced new ultrasonic sensing capabilities for the futuristic smart devices. The new technology is based on an audio amplifier from Texas Instruments (TI). As per the company, this new launch defines the next era of smart sensors.

When the technology is used with TI’s TAS5825M Class-D audio amplifier, the smart sensor platform allows designers to add new interactive features through transmissions of low-power ultrasonic tones from the amplifier. In addition, designers can use Elliptic Lab’s software to add presence-detection and gesture-based capabilities for user interaction in various smart devices.

Smart sensors to ease construction

Flood Testing Laboratories, a Chicago-based company has been bringing innovative technology to make the construction industry smarter. The company has brought the maturity method into the world, which eliminated the need for concrete cylinder break tests.

The company’s product, SmartRock wireless temperature and strength sensor is the latest innovations in the market. The sensor is a mobile-based wireless sensor, which can be entirely embedded into fresh concrete to monitor strength and temperature during construction.

In addition, the sensors can be installed on the rebar and then concrete can be poured. While the sensor monitors the records of the temperature of concrete poured in real-time, the gathered data can be analyzed automatically onsite using SmartRock app.

Even child diapers are getting smarter

Yes, even the cute little children’s diapers are getting a touch of smart sensors. Pampers recently launched Lumi, the world’s smart diaper that notifies parents if the kid has a dirty diaper. Lumi is a smart sensor attached to the infant’s diaper that not only alerts you when they go to the bathroom but also monitors sleep.

The technology was showcased at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. As per Pampers, the smart diaper aids parents to monitor day-to-day developments. This would enable the user to figure out patterns and form a suitable routine.

The Lumi incorporates an HD night vision camera that can monitor humidity and temperature along with baby sensors and app to compile the collected data.

Smart shoes helping runners to move faster

This innovation is quite intriguing, especially if you are a prospective runner. Driven by a simple concept, Asics unveiled a smart shoe that can monitor how you run and give real-time feedback.

At this year’s CES, the prototype shoe was showcased collaborating with No New Folk Studies Inc., a Japanese sensor developer. Although the concept of smart shoes is nothing new, the combination of specific smart sensors used in the shoes could offer insights regarding what kind of training could work for you.

The shoe uses Orphe Track sensor of No New Folk that collects motion data that spreads through the user’s foot and allows Asics to figure out training insights based on it.

What does the future hold for us?

There is no limit to inventions. From startups to major tech giants are investing a huge pile of money into developing app and devices that incorporate smart shoes. In fact, concepts as simple as corporate lighting now involves smart sensors to regulate brightness according to mood and outside weather.

We can safely say that smart sensors are the very key to industrial automation and let’s face it, we are moving toward absolute automation. Although several technologies are still in its infancy, this is the most exciting time to be a part of industrial manufacturing. Smart sensors are just the beginning. They would provide the foundation we need to build mind blogging structures upon.

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