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Smile to Relieve Anxiety & Spread Happiness

The broader you smile, the more you become a zealot of living a life in full and the more energy you build.


Zafar Siddiqui

3 months ago | 5 min read


It’s not like you have to do something, or buy something to smile — Darius Foroux.

You might have thecome across a saying, “Smile because it’s Sunnah.” If you don’t know the meaning of Sunnah, these are the traditions and practices of any spiritual leader that the followersfollowers oblige YoYothemselvethemselves to follow. Following those practices is not mandatory, but those doing these do believe in earning rewards for executing the practices of their spiritual leaders.

Depression, Anxiety, Frustration, and Stress

The signs and symptoms of depression involve too much/less sleeping, changed appetite, no or lack of sexual desire, etc.

Many life events or tragedies could lead to depression, such as affliction because of natural catastrophe or distress because of losing a job.

Restlessness, feeling of being ‘on-edge,’ concentration problems, and difficulty getting asleep often indicate anxiety but not experienced in daily life.

The persisting anxiety problem could result from facing potential worrying/threatening triggers. The sufferers can notice these alarms as a rising heartbeat and increased sensitivity of surroundings.

Frustration is the consequence of being attacked, disrespected, or unfairly treated. A problem-creating person, physical/psychological pain, and traumatic memories are some factors that contribute to the frustration development in people.

Situations like financial, work and relationship pressures are the demands that can cause stress if there is a threat or challenge to an individual’s well-being.

Sometimes, stress plays a role of a motivator, which is very important for survival.

A fight-or-flight mechanism in our bodies tells us which reaction we are supposed to give and when it is better to retaliate in particular danger.

Easily triggering risks can eventually make one’s physical and mental health unstable.

Well, moving on, when you smile, your body muscles also make movements.

Whenever you feel stressed, lacking freshness, or any other exhaustion, change your facial expression into a smiley one, but that should be genuine, not fake.

Our Smiles Do Wonders We Can’t Imagine

A smile does not limit the impact on our mental health only; our physical health improves also.

According to my experience, I have smiled during the worst troubles in life, and guess what? I came over those troubles sooner than compared to freaking out. My days go pretty well if I smile at least once a day, and I feel enthusiastic throughout my whole day being fresh.

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I remember getting a slap from one of my teammates for mistakenly scoring the opponent team. My expression on that was just a smile, which made my teammate apologize to me later, as my non-retaliative reaction surprised him.

By just smiling, I have gained a lot of respect in my society. If I can do this, why can’t you? Even if a person approaches me, intending to hit or scold me, the person doesn’t knock or scold me when they see me smiling already.

My smile makes not only my day but also makes people’s day in my surroundings.

The real man smiles in trouble, gathers strength from distress, and grows brave by reflection — Thomas Paine.

If you are a student or a job person, you might have been suffering a lot mentally. Your mental state is not supposed to get ignored.

You should try to maintain your smile throughout your day if you cannot go to a psychiatrist because of any restraints, like lack of finances. Your smiling face can help you greatly and make you feel fresh all day.

Once you refresh, your performance in school and the office becomes outstanding.

I am not a psychologist/psychiatrist, but you’ll find a difference in your lifestyle once you smile — one way of relieving stress or frustration.

But I don’t guarantee a hundred percent cure. There’s always a minor percentage of every problem’s existence, at least.

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Even if someone mocks or demeans you, laugh at it before them.

Your laugh must show your strength and that they can’t attack you without a hitch — it’s self-defense.

Smiling at Your Family/Friend Helps Them Relieve Stress

“If you have only one smile in you, give it to the people you love” — Maya Angelou.

If you know someone frustrated or having anxiety issues, make a smiley face. When people see you smiling, their tension fades away. And then, they subconsciously feel a little relieved.

Give it an experiment once. You’ll observe a bit of change, at least in the other person whose depression you want to cure.

Always meet people while smiling at them. I’m pretty sure that they will make a gradual shift towards betterment.

You’ve got many ways to bring a smile to your face and the faces of your loved ones.

1. Hear or read out a joke

You can get plenty of humor on Google. Or you may ask your Google Assistant to tell you one or two if you have an Android device. Otherwise, you may command Siri to tell you something funny if you have an Apple device.

There might be some lame ones out there, but I tell you that you’ll laugh out loud because lameness itself is funny.

Surround yourself with a company of humorous people; they’ll fill your eyes with tears by sharing very comical thoughts and experiences with you. It helps you learn many things.

2. Help people in your surroundings

Another way to get a smile would be by helping people around you in any way possible. Doing welfare work is also helpful in lightening up your mood.

When you give a hand to anyone, you put yourself in one’s shoes and feel what they’re going through. And then, their problem becomes your problem.

Thus, as a result, you feel satisfied once you provide thorough help to the one in need until the difficult time fades away.

3. Go out, meet new people, make new friends, and spend time with them.

This pointer is essential in our lives. You might have come across a few peers who don’t have any companions with whom they can spend time. So, they become agitated, depressed, or stressed.

It would be best not to avoid them because they need you the most, they need your moral support, and they need your helping hand.

Always approach everyone with a smiley face. It might seem that you’re living a perfect life and you’re having no problems with your life.

I bet people will get inspired by your smile even after acknowledging that you’re through so much pain.

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Share your rough experiences with others and try teaching them a lesson you’ve learned through that experience, just in case they get a similar experience.

They’ll recall what you taught them and try to solve their problems. They will remember you in prayers and thoughts.

The broader you smile, the more you become a zealot of living a life in full and the more energy you build.

As a result, your life becomes meaningful and qualitative. The same would likely happen to the people to whom you smile.

Before I conclude my story, I would love to share the last piece of a quote with you for your inspiration to smile:

The source of a true smile is an awakened mind — Thich Nhat Hanh.

I hope you gained sufficient insight from my writing and will help yourselves by just smiling throughout the day.

You and your loved ones will observe a positive change in your lives. Start giving a smile to everyone you meet.

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