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Soft Skills Every Software Developer Needs

In this post, we share the essential soft skills which developers require to thrive at the workplace.



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In the past, companies primarily expected software engineer skills to include core technical competence like writing code, running tests, and developing intuitive software applications. While a solid grasp of programming languages will help you get a long way, there are several other skills needed for software engineers to succeed in the remote-first world.

As the IT industry has diversified, the required remote software engineer skills have broadened to include extensive soft skills. 

Organizations expect developers to converse with coworkers from different departments in this remote-first world. For example, developers regularly interact with design team members, project managers, and other company executives.

Along with the core technical skills, here are the top soft skills needed for software engineers:

Software engineer skills: Communication

Skills needed for software engineers: Communication

The ability to communicate effectively is one of the most critical skills needed for software engineers or any professional in general. 

In today’s Zoom world, here are some things developers need to keep in mind to communicate effectively:

  • Even if you second-guess yourself, speaking clearly and with confidence is crucial. Learn to articulate your thoughts and verbalize them concisely. If you learn how to communicate with conviction, people will pay attention to what you say.
  • Effective communication is a two-way street. To be a good speaker, you need to be an attentive listener. Listening to your co-workers, customers, or potential clients will help you discover new perspectives, learn new things, and prioritize your tasks.
  • This point is more of basic etiquette. Don’t interrupt people when they’re making a point. Let them finish speaking before you verbalize your thoughts. If you’re on a video conference, you can take advantage of the chat box to share your thoughts without disturbing or interrupting the speaker.

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