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How Can Software Testing Companies Help You Achieve Your Digital Next?

Software testing companies can help enterprises achieve digital transformation by reducing the cost of infrastructure, following best QA practices, and achieving better integration cycles w.r.t time zones, among others.


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4 months ago | 3 min read


Are you looking to digitize your operations and achieve a slew of benefits in terms of better productivity, quality and efficiency, reduced costs, better data storage, and enhanced responsiveness? The first thing to do before you achieve your digital next is to transform your software quality process. With Agile and DevOps being bandied about as the go-to methodologies to quicken the software development process, your business needs to set its sights on the way forward. How do you go about ensuring quality assurance for your software products? Do you plan to set up an in-house QA team equipped with the latest QA tools and resources to handle them?

Remember, it is not only about dealing with quality as the lone parameter, for cost is also an important factor to consider. Today, quality is not just about delivering the product to the market but ensuring its top-notch performance throughout the product cycle. So, which is the best way to digitally transform your business - by executing QA in-house or outsourcing the same to any software testing company? Let us find out.

Software testing companies can help enterprises achieve digital transformation by reducing the cost of infrastructure, following best QA practices, and achieving better integration cycles w.r.t time zones, among others.

How software testing companies can help enterprises achieve digital transformation

Most enterprises aiming at digital transformation grapple with a host of complex situations. These include determining whether, when, and how to test a product, especially within tight delivery timelines, and whether the existing test infrastructure is good enough to execute CI/CD. With shrinking product delivery schedules, many companies may look for an easy way out of bypassing software quality assurance. However, this can sound like a death knell to the competitiveness of companies as customers do not settle for below-par products anymore. The best way out of this conundrum is to hire software testing services and let the quality of your products pass the test of the market. So, how does a software testing company help you achieve your digital next?

Minimal management effort: It has been observed that an in-house QA testing team is not always efficient and responsive to customer requirements. However, independent QA testing companies are more tolerant of outside pressures and stick to the QA objectives of businesses. They do not get swayed by considerations of budget or timelines. Further, your business can avoid the hassle of hiring and training a workforce for the software testing process and save costs thereof.

Minimum infrastructure cost: By outsourcing your QA testing job to a software testing company, your business can save overhead costs on purchasing software or hardware tools. These tools can be for test management, defect tracking, testing, CI/CD, and more. Also, for big and complex projects, the overhead costs setoff setting up a test repository can be humongous, and the outsourced company equipped with all the necessary testing paraphernalia can do the job for you, seamlessly and within timelines.

One-upmanship between teams: The development and testing teams do not always see eye to eye given the latter’s pitching for bugs in the code. And more bugs mean the development team needs to work more on mitigation rather than move onto some other project. The in-house QA team may not always be upfront in bringing the bugs to the fore given the somewhat testy relationship with the development team. On the other hand, an outsourced QA team need not worry about this game of one-upmanship between the in-house teams and just follow the mandate to the T. It works without any bias and ensures the errors are identified and removed from the software application.

Best practices: Software testing companies are expected to be updated about the best practices and tools by working with a host of clients across domains. They are likely to have a better learning experience and are expected to implement their learning outcomes to meet the testing challenges of the present project. This helps enterprises that outsource quality assurance services get a superior quality product.

Better integration cycle: If the software development project belongs to a company situated in a different time zone, then it becomes difficult to synchronize work. For instance, working on a US project from India means playing the catching up game all the time given the time difference. However, with an independent QA team looking into the software testing process, it becomes easy to manage the integration cycle effectively. If planned and executed well, this can turn out to be of great benefit.


In this era of digital transformation where customer experience determines the success of any software application, enterprises cannot take QA processes lightly. By outsourcing the job to software testing companies, they can ensure the software application becomes qualitatively superior and customer-friendly.


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