Can someone tell you 'I had MASTERED Python and I know everything'

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Omar The Dev

a year ago | 1 min read

Can someone tell you 'I had MASTERED Python and I know everything'

Of course you had heard this sentence before, and if you didn't, it's not a problem, but let's complete!

Umm, so let's discuss and have our final answer. We won't show you now so we can grab your interest!

Let's Start!

Actually, everyone knows Python is a programming language from across about 7000 languages! Think of it, it's almost incredible! Actually everyone also knows that Python is growing quickly. Right ? Now, here is a question!

What type of growth that is Python Growing ? (Umm?)

Although most people think it is in the language in it's growth of the code and libraries and like that, actually the answer is FALSE .

The Correct answer is that it does grow in the type of programmers count, it's well known and such more like that.

So if someone tells you 'I had MASTERED Python and I know everything.' It might be correct! And this mostly also is same with other languages such as JavaScript & CSS.

So I hoped you got it.

So you have reached the end of this short-blog, I hope you enjoyed, and also to help us you can also suggest us an idea in the comments section!

*** Best regards, ***

~ Omar


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