Spending Time With Positive People Can Actually Make You Positive So what have you got to lose?

If you hang around positive people like these, you will absolutely be positive as well.


Teronie Donaldson

2 years ago | 2 min read

A long time ago, I used to think of someone overly positive as someone with an agenda.

Growing up in a few bad neighborhoods in Brooklyn, New York, the people I observed had screw faces. Life seemed to weigh down on their soul. “No time to be happy I got things to do,” was the vibe. If someone approached me overly friendly, they might be trying to rob me, at least so I thought.

Because of that lack of trust, I missed out on a lot of fun opportunities. For example, I never camped because I thought campers would be roasting marshmallows in boy scout uniforms and singing Disney songs. That was corny to me. Any other activity that seemed too “goody goody” I avoided.

When I went to college at 18, I was away from my neighborhood and got to see a different picture. I was around people doing so many other things — positive things, and I let my guard down.

Being around so many positive people made me see I could be more and do more. I became friends with great people, went to many events, held fundraisers, volunteered, and learned so many lessons about life that I still use today at age 39.

One key lesson I learned is spending time with positive people can make you optimistic. Not in the toxic positivity way, where you overgeneralize happy and upbeat moods across all situations. But in an authentically positive way that allows you to be yourself and support others who do the same.

Whenever I am in a low mood, I get around other positive people like my wife, family, and friends, which always seem to help as I have someone I can talk to.

The great news is it’s not difficult to spot positive people in your life.

These people are the ones doing good things for themselves and others.
The ones you feel good being around.
The ones who coach or motivate you to be your best.
The ones who are “all ears” when listening to you.
The ones who provide wisdom when you’re confused or lost.
The ones who see the strengths in you, that you do not see yourself.
The ones who are kind, open-minded, and generous.

If you hang around positive people like these, you will absolutely be positive as well.

The benefit is you will be a positive force in someone else’s life who will need help at some point.

So what have you got to lose?


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