How to start and finish 100 days of code challenge?

A piece of effective advice for those who want to start 100 days of coding challenge.


Sailendra Chettri

3 years ago | 2 min read

You want to start 100 days of code challenge but don’t know how to do it and where to start? While you are in the right place.

Before starting this challenge you need to make sure that your planning is good enough to complete the challenge without burnout.

First, plan what you want to learn in these 100 days. If you are planning to learn python then draw the mind map, which topics are you going to complete, and what libraries or frameworks are you want to explore.

Planning is the key!

Before starting any language or framework you need to ask a question to yourself what I’m going to cover throughout this coding challenge journey?

You will realize that, what is my main purpose behind accepting this challenge.

If you start without planning you will probably lose somewhere in between, even if you completed this challenge you will not get that much can achieve if you started with planning, therefore planning is the key.

Motivate yourself to code

I did the planning, but what if I lose motivation to code in between? (Expected this question)

If you lose motivation then ask yourself, Why I started this 100 days of code challenge? Recall if I complete this challenge? Think about goals.

I am sure if you ask yourself this question you will never demotivate again. We often lose motivation to not do anything, while starting we are very excited but when some challenges hit us then we feel like I’m not made for this but that's not the way to think.

You will not grow if you do not solve problems. Start with small problems and go for intermediate and then advance. This way you will grow without burnout.

The best way to stay motivated all time is to ask yourself a question. Then you will get all your answers, why you are feeling demotivated.

The second reason why you feel low or demotivated is that you probably work hard to learn so many things at a time. Learn one technology at a time the will save you from giving up and you will get deeper knowledge about that domain.

Regular breaks are another way to stay motivated and productive. Don‘t be selfish to take breaks that are your investment not wasting of time.

I read somewhere is that don’t do or think about anything while you are on a quick break (usually 20 to 30 mins). Do rest and only rest that will boost your energy and productivity too.

Set your Goals

Is goal important for success? Ant the answer is obviously.

Your goal can save you from your failure and giving up. It will always pull you up to do more.

Someone says there is so much energy in a goal it will always drive you towards success. This is so true, our goals give us energy to not giving up and it handles failures.

So, set your goal and start working smart as well as hard.


Planning is the key, you need a plan to succeed in any domain.

To execute this plan you need motivation and the motivation comes from yourself if you ask the right question to yourself.

The goal is the driver that drives you towards success.


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