How To Start Living Unapologetically and Find the Freedom To Be Yourself

Being you is the best way to live your life


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For many people, there’s one version of them that their colleagues and peers know, another version that shows up in the presence of their family and a third version is what they are deep inside.

It’s strange that so many people are afraid to express themselves fully due to fear of being judgedrejected, or laughed at.

Not being able to bring your true self to work or while interacting with people can lead to various mental and emotional health issues. It also prevents you from establishing deeper connections and relationships with people you want to stay close to and make a part of your life. It’s time you blew the lid of pretense and resolved to live a more authentic life.

Here are six ways you can live your life, unapologetically, on your own terms.

1. Be true to yourself

You are a unique person, special and one of a kind. You have your own abilities, strengths, and positive attributes. So don’t try to fit in. Be proud of who you are and express yourself fully.

You don’t have to adjust to please others or cut yourself short to measure up to other people’s expectations. Life is short, don’t waste time pretending what you are not. Your life doesn’t depend on the approval ofothers. Let go of the need for external validation and embrace your uniqueness.

Be your own person, do what you love doing and make choices that resonate with your inner self and are in line with your values and principles. 

“Have the courage to be ‘you.’ You have infinite potential. You can be anything and achieve anything you want. Focus on yourself. Set meaningful goals and embark on your journey of success.”

2. Stop caring about what others think

Most people want to be looked at with respect by others. However, the desire to be liked by others and be in their good books takes you down the path of worry and anxiety.

When you’re constantly thinking about yourself in terms of how others see you, think about you, and perceive you, you can no longer live an uninhibited life. Your actions will be measured, and each word you utter will be smeared with hesitation.

“No matter how guarded your behavior and how proper your conduct is, you cannot please everyone, nor can you get everyone’s stamp of approval. Pushing yourself too hard to measure up to others will lead to frustration and mental exhaustion because you’ll only end up losing yourself in the process.”

So resolve to live unapologetically by listening to your heart and doing what feels right. Your life will be happier and more fulfilled when you live a life guided by your inner compass instead of the opinion of people around you.

3. Operate from your authentic core

Wearing a social mask and putting up a show when you’re in the presence of others is a sad way to live your life. It’s not that you do it by choice, but the world around you pressurizes you to fit in the mold, and you reluctantly give in.

To live unapologetically, stop trying to be what you assume others want you to be and start living authentically. Be who you are, say what you mean, and walk your talk. Go out, and interact with people without worrying about impressing or winning them over.

Be genuine; meet and talk to people because you like them, not because you want to appear courteous. Never pretend you find someone interesting if you don’t. Most people can see through fake curiosity and fathom a hidden agenda or vested interest behind superficial politeness.

If you need someone’s help, just say it. If you’re meeting someone to ask for a favor, express yourself honestly and clearly. Straight-forward people are considered more authentic and real than those who pretend, bluff, or put up an act.

Being your authentic self and unafraid of showing the real person you are will make you likable, trustworthy, and dependable in other people’s eyes.

4. Dare to take risks

You feel a sense of comfort when you live confined to your cocoon. It’s a familiar space, there are no challenges, and you’re at ease. You perceive things to be under control in your bubble and adapt to live a life below your potential because you say no to newer experiences and possibilities.

Evidently, there’s not much scope for growth in the limited exposure you get in the comfort zone.

But, when you choose to live unapologetically, you overcome the mental barriers keeping you stuck, stretch yourself fully, and dare to take calculated risks.

Being ‘you’ makes you feel confident and self-assured. You find yourself rooted in self-belief and are ready to embrace the unfamiliar.

There’s an initial unsettling feeling when you take a plunge into the unknown, but you’re okay with feeling anxious, fearful, and uncertain while exploring the uncharted waters.

When you’re prepared to face your fears, take your chances and make mistakes, you open the floodgates of new happenings, learnings, and chances to grow and become your best version.

5. Choose to put yourself first

You are the most important person in your life, and you matter the most. Putting others before you and pushing your needs to the backburner will affect your self-worth and make you feel unimportant.

If you want to experience greater happiness in life, start being unapologetic about considering yourself to be your topmost priority.

Practice self-compassion, understand yourself, and give yourself the rightful place in your life. There’s nothing wrong with taking action and making choices that help you progress towards your goals.

Don’t shy away from keeping your welfare and well-being at the front and center of your mind. It’s not selfish but pure self-love and an act of kindness towards yourself.

Paying attention to yourself and tending to your needs is your right and your duty. If others judge you for that, so be it. Don’t let it bother you or prevent you from taking care of yourself.

6. Change what doesn’t work for you

You have the ability to live your best life and weave your happy space where you feel special and celebrated.

Give up everything that doesn’t make you feel at home, stresses you up, or steals away your peace of mind. You don’t have to apologize, feel sorry, or be regretful about letting go of  things, people, memories, or dreams that have outlived their utility in your life; they serve no purpose and only keep you bogged down.

Unlearn bad habits and replace them with empowering ones. Similarly, give up doing things the old way and learn the latest methods, techniques, and skills to keep yourself in tune with the times.

Change is constant, and you must accept and embrace it fully. When your emove the redundant and unnecessary from your life, you make space for newer and more valuable things into your life.

In Conclusion

Being yourself, without hiding parts of you, and bringing your whole self in front of others, without fear of judgment is the choice you must make if you want to live unapologetically.

Knowing yourself, accepting yourself, and being proud of who you are will help you master the art of living an authentic life.

When you reveal who you really are, without inhibitions, you give yourself the freedom to be your true self and allow your real self to shine. This is the most liberating and empowering feeling that makes you feel confident, fulfilled, and in control of your life.


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