How I started my Web Development journey

In this blog, I shared my 1 year of learning experience 📊 and How I started Web Development


Tushar jain

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In this blog, I'll share my 1 year of learning experience 📊 and How I started my Web Development journey with a glimpse at some of my projects and courses/resources that I followed in this journey and few tips from my side if you are aiming towards the Web Development domain.

Who am I?

I'm Tushar Jain, a Full Stack Web Developer⌨, and a UI/UX designer🎨, Currently pursuing my BTech course in Computer Science and Engineering from the Indian Institute of Information Technology, Ranchi. I've been into web development for a year. Besides this, I also do Competitive Coding and that too from the last year.

My Background

So I joined my Institute in 2019 and in my first two semesters of my college life I just enjoyed learning nothing as I was just trying to take a break from that JEE phase of my life :sweat_smile: but somehow I managed a decent GPA.

Then I came to know about this web stuff at the end of the 2nd semester and decided to take a dive into web development before the lockdown last year. By the way, I was never into this coding or any HTML stuff in my school life😐.

How I started?

I started my journey by learning HTML5 and CSS3 in parallel from W3School. (Tip: Don't Try to learn everything in the first go it's an ongoing process)

And wrote my first HTML script ([Code Link], [Site Link]) with the basic knowledge I got in two weeks from the W3school. (Tip: Try sharing your work with others to get feedback).

From there I started learning Javascript from [W3School]. It took me few weeks from there to gather the required knowledge of javascript to build a [TicTacToe Game]. So In a month, I was having the basics of HTML+CSS+JS( although I didn't learn everything, I just learn those things which were required).

In April our Institute's WebD community introduced a Hackathon in web development with the problem statement that we've to develop an E-Cart system. Although I was not having any knowledge of Backend but I registered in it

(Tip: Hackathon is a great way to learn something new in a fixed interval of time and I take part in Hackathons whenever I get time.).

And I managed to learn PHP and SQL and managed to make my submission for the Hackathon. Here is my [submission] and Know what?? I came First in that Hackathon 🥳

After that, I came across the MERN stack in August last year (MongoDb + ExpressJS + ReactJS + NodeJS) and started learning this stack and made few projects using this tech stack. Currently, I'm trying to understand this tech stack more.

Few of my Projects

  • - [GeekNote]: A web app that provides organized notes and resources for our batch with a separate blogging system.
  • - [hG]: Web app aimed to portray the Technical Society of the Institute.
  • - [IEEESB Webapp] : A full-stack website for all utilities of the student branch.
  • - [E-Cart System] E-Cart system with an automatic invoice generation system
  • - [Event Broadcasting System]: Portal which aimed at making a single event broadcasting platform for different clubs of the institute

Resources I followed

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Tushar jain

I'm Tushar Jain, a highly motivated and dedicated Fullstack Developer, and a UI/UX designer, Currently pursuing Bachelor of Technology in Computer Science and Engineering from the Indian Institute of Information Technology, Ranchi.







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