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How to Steal The Mindset of Highly Successful People?

“Defeat is only a state of mind, and nothing more.”


Yousuf Rafi

4 months ago | 2 min read


Whether you think you can or you cannot, you’re right in both ways.

I’ve recently shared the news with our talent hunt head. She is a hard-working girl, but she sometimes finds it challenging to come out of her comfort zone.

When I shared that I would be resigning soon, her first reaction was epic, “Oh GOD, Yousuf, I need to work long-hours again to recruit someone new.”

That’s one reaction. She could have responded in a better way, “Great, I am so happy for you. I am thrilled to find a replacement for you.”

The same news, but two entirely different reactions. David Joseph Schwartz, in his life-altering book, The Magic of Thinking, shares the mentality of successful people.

According to David, “Defeat is only a state of mind, and nothing more.”, so whether you think you can or you cannot, it all begins with your mindset.

My goal in this blog is to change your mindset. After reading the blog, you’ll be able to replace the negative feelings with positive ones.

Follow the tips, and you’ll witness a phenomenal change in your life.

  • Make Gratitude part of your life: Hope comes from GOD. Despair comes from the Devil. Successful people are more grateful than ordinary people. Being your day by counting down 10 things that you’re grateful for.
  • Replace the negative thought: You cannot kill a negative thought, but you can always replace it with a positive one. When I shared the news with my HR, she could’ve felt excited about it, but she chose to be a victim. That’s what we do. If you want to succeed, begin with a hopeful, positive, and “let’s do it.” mindset.
  • Adopt micro-habits: Sit in silence. Journal your thoughts. Drink lots of water. For a complete list, visit this post. Adopt these habits and shift your mindset.
  • Start a side-hustle: Successful people never rely on one income. Choose one side-hustle and earn from it too.
  • Move away from toxic people: Regardless of how successful you become some people will still think and tell you all the bad that can happen in your life. The solution: Kick them out of your life.
  • Be consistent: Successful people are consistent with their work. Even if you fail, show up daily for work.
  • Make a goal and work on it every day: To achieve something you must begin by making it a goal. The important thing is to take one step each day towards your goal. If you succeed great, if not, you’ll learn what not to do.
  • Deliberate practice: Cal Newport in his groundbreaking book, Deep Work talks about practicing a craft with focused attention. When you focus your efforts on improving your performance that’s when breakthroughs happen.


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