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Storage Tips For Disposable Gloves

Overheating can lead to degradation and cause damage to your gloves.



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Disposable gloves are vital for personal protection across various industries to users. Disposable gloves help to prevent contamination and likely contact with
hazardous materials. When they're stored properly, disposable gloves will have
a longer lifespan and be in the best condition to protect you. Storing your
gloves properly makes it last longer, and you should endeavor to keep gloves in the right place.

A few tips to help you make your gloves last longer include:


When storing gloves, keep them in their original package with the seal intact.
Remove the seal only when the gloves are ready for use.


Keeping your gloves in a place with controlled temperature is a great way to store your gloves. Overheating can lead to degradation and cause damage to your gloves.


High humidity often helps bacteria and mold to thrive. Your gloves should not be stored in places with radiators, humidifiers, or any humidity and heat-generating equipment. A dark and cool environment will extend the life of
your glove and save them from being damaged.

Ultraviolet Light or Ozone

Exposing gloves to electrical equipment that could generate UV light can damage them. So, store them in places where there are no fluorescent lights that could generate UV light.

You need reliable gloves for your protection and Medrux disposable gloves will
provide just that. They can help stop the spread of viruses and germs and
minimize the risk of contamination.

Medrux gloves are FDA-certified and are made of premium quality. Ideally, gloves should be stored at temperatures below 90°F. They shouldn't be stored in places with extreme cold or heat. The average storage temperature should be between 50 and 72F.

Glove Shelf Life

A glove's shelf life is primarily dependent on the material used in its production and the storage method. Although according to the FDA, there is no specific shelf life for disposable gloves, many of them come with their
expiration dates.

Generally, nitrile and vinyl disposable gloves and other synthetic rubber gloves have an average of five years for their shelf life. Some gloves have even lasted for 10 years when stored properly.

However, always remember that the shelf life of disposable gloves is only determined when they are in their package or unopened. Above all, one of the best ways to ensure that your disposable gloves are properly maintained is by following the right storage conditions.

Naturally, gloves degrade faster when they come in contact with UV light, moisture, emperature, dust, and extreme temperatures. So, maintaining proper storage conditions is one of the best ways of ensuring long shelf life for your gloves.

Medrux gloves are kept in the right storage condition to ensure longer shelf life. These gloves come with guidelines on their storage and using medrux storage procedures will help you enjoy your gloves for a long time.


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