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Allegue Wessim

3 years ago | 2 min read

3 years ago, I went with my friend to a gaming event in Berlin where loads of new games were being presented and where startups announced new projects and job opportunities.

The problem was most of the job offers were for designers, game developers, or sound engineers while I and my friend were from a managerial background.

Who would give to 2 freshly graduated students the top position without any previous experience?

Around 4 hours later, when the presentations were over, I asked my friend if we should get in line to try getting an interview or a job.

He answered: “-Nah, the queue is too long that would take us ages to get there”.

That answer initially shocked me because we were broke, had a passion for gaming, and literally didn´t get any opportunity.

That´s when I realized that there were 2 types of people in this world: Those who see the end goal and others that see the obstacles along the way.

One small detail: I was also lazy! There was no way I would wait an hour in line for a really low percentage of gaming something.

So instead of going for big companies like Ubisoft (you couldn´t see the start of the line, I found one small desk where there was a representative of the startup and a couple of people talking together.

Even if they were in the middle of a discussion, nobody minded me joining because I took no one´s opportunity and I didn´t interrupt.

Like every choice in life I had to sacrifice something: Not going for the biggest companies that paid better and worked on the most famous franchises but on the other hand, I avoided the queue time.

The discussion was successful as it ended up with me getting an interview next week for a marketing position.

Even tho the interview went amazingly well, I got an email telling me that I was not accepted into that startup. Instead the CEO recommended to his old company.

I went there with not much faith at all but was pleasantly surprised. I got asked to join the team within 2 weeks to manage the marketing department and work on the strategy of the next blockchain-based gaming project.

The cherry on top, I collaborated directly with worldwide brands like the Bundesliga or the FC Bayern Munich or the Lithuanian league of Basketball

But that´s not the moral of the story. In life, you don´t have to wait in line, you don´t have to follow the same road that others took before you.

You can do it your way!

It is ok to bend the rules as long as you don´t anyone opportunity


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