Strategies for 21st Century Business

Quick tips and tricks to better navigate the business landscape.


C.E. McDonald

2 years ago | 2 min read

Quick tips and tricks to better navigate the business landscape.

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So, what does the 21st century look like these days? Well, it’s rapidly shifting. Be it technology, protocols, economic downfall/relief, product recovery, conversions, industry manipulations, and consumer desires.

Our world is ever-changing, which calls for a very important skill from consumers and makers alike: adaptation. Meaning aligning oneself with the most current business perspectives.

Since the Coronavirus hit people's priorities were analyzed, thus concluding in more John and Jane Doe’s desiring entrepreneurship.

Heck more power to all who want to walk the path of creation! It takes courage to truly walk the path of a business leader.

But seemingly not everybody has mastered the presets of business. And the old ways of business are still in place.

So when economies drastically halt, causing structures to fall it’s an opportunity for growth. For both sole proprietorships and corporations.

That growth gets a headstart through entrepreneurs, creators, and makers alike through invention. However, business tactics need to be put in place for a successful ascension.

This digital age of time works with AI and algorithms which act as control success system switches. Making the invisible wall seem harder to traverse.

Plus, getting ahead of consumer expectations is a reality. Causing businesses small and large to compete by producing and providing exceptional offerings, or the creation of copycat products or services.

After endless unfolding layers of research and observation, patterns start to appear. Some of those patterns are commonly identified and others are hiding below the surface.

Here are five basic business takeaways that are screaming for change.


Analog to Digital


Moral Principles


Trade Standards


Unchanging Variables


Buyer and Seller Security

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After identifying some concerns, let’s look deeper into how we can rectify these situations with solutions.

Businesses have the opportunity to strategize problems, but I want to help, so I’ve created a collection of ideas for optimizing systems based on consumer and market needs.

This collection was created for positive progress and better business, so the rewards can become more fruitful for everyone.


Creating a brand story that offers imagery both of the imaginative kind and through hard or digital copy content. It’s highly important for the consumer.


An authentic core business principle that easily translates to prospective consumers. But not just stating it, evolving the authentic nature within the company, employees, and higher-ups.

Honesty & Integrity

Transitioning towards a transparent business culture. One that respects the exchange of financial equities.


Defining with details all the nooks and crannies so the inevitable questions become less likely.


How you connect and relate to your target audience will steer the business trajectory. Connection is key to success.

Messaging in Minutes

Rapid response time from a real person versus a bot. You have only minutes to convert to sales, and if a consumer is more likely to connect with a real person then they are more likely to make a purchase.

Ethical Business Transactions

Following a moral code, and designing digital platforms that can withstand security breaching issues.

That concludes the brief business collection of knowledge acquired. Remember this information is subjective to my research and experiences while observing and analyzing varying markets.

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However you choose to incorporate this information is completely up to you, but within the digital age, expectations from consumers in business are going to get increasingly higher and higher.

With the right ingredients, we can become better partners and better employers that are building businesses for a better economy.

I’ll sign off and hope my business tips were helpful, and inspire a creative cloud of opportunity for you. Best of luck with your business missions.


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