Are you struggling with the conversion rate of your ads?

There are other factors as well which impact your conversion rate.


Aviral Ojha

3 years ago | 1 min read

You may get the best of designs and highly converting ad copies .

Only to find out that these are not the only things which increase conversions.

There are other factors as well which impact your conversion rate.

 1)    Loading speed of landing page

If it takes a lot of time to load, many users which had clicked the ad to go to the page will get distracted and will exit even before visiting your page. And less landing page views=less conversion.

 2)    Proofs/testimonials on landing page

 Testimonials influence the buyer’s decisions more than anything. We often checkout reviews first before buying the product. Similarly, you need to show people how your service/product has benefited other people. Video testimonials works wonders.

 3) Right audience

You may have the best of creatives and a very high budget for your campaign. But it’s going to fall on blind eyes if you don’t the right audience for your product.

Do proper audience research, analyze your competitors’ followers, test different ad sets, make use of tools such as Facebook audience insights. Targeting the right audience is half the battle won.


There could be many reasons why a user didn’t purchase your product in the very first go! To remind them of this, you need to remarket to the users who visited your page and checked out your product.

Make sure that you’ve got pixel and google remarketing tags installed on your site.

 5) Clear message

 Now that a user has landed on your page, the last thing that he/she would want is an absence of #CTA, lack of details, ambiguity in information about the product/service. Make sure that you are clear about the message that you want to give the user along with a strong CTA

Do you think these 5 points are enough for improving your conversion rate? Or would you add more?


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