Struggling to find the best eCommerce platform for your business? Here’s how you can decide.

eCommerce is here to stay and the global pandemic has further reinstated this fact. Customer expectations and demands have skyrocketed thereby propelling store owners to pull up their socks and deliver an impeccable experience to users. Whether you’re operating a startup or looking to scale up your business, choosing the right eCommerce platform for your business is incremental to growth.


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The eCommerce platform that you choose must operate as a centralized business platform to control everything from inventory to marketing. But it can be a daunting decision to select the best platform for your business. Keeping future needs in mind, it’s important to consider the following factors:

  1. Hosting options

eCommerce platforms can be self-hosted or on the cloud. Open-source platforms offer better control and ownership as the source code can be modified. Your selected platform should allow you to offer omnichannel experiences that engage customers anywhere and everywhere.

2. Ownership costs

Whether you are an established business or just starting, price is an important factor to consider for all. What are the licencing fees of the platform? Are there any maintenance charges? What will be the estimated development and implementation cost?

3. Consider reliable payment gateways

A seamless checkout experience is a core component of every eCommerce business. You need a trusted and dependable method of accepting payments that are readily available to customers and provide a hassle-free experience. Additionally, accommodate mobile wallets and different online payment methods.

4. Integrations

Not every platform is compatible with every integration, so understand your present and future business demands to assess the functions correctly. It should be able to integrate with accounting, marketing, sales, and other verticals along with 3rd part integrations with CRM, ERP, etc.

5. Speed and scalability

Excellent user experience is one of the cornerstones of eCommerce success. From slow load times to frozen pages, 404 errors, are indicators of poor site performance. Also, your chosen platform should have the ability to scale along with your business, otherwise, you’ll have to re-platform leading to extra costs and hassles.

6. Security

With the rise in cyberattacks and online security threats, data protection has become of paramount importance. Security breaches have become pretty common, therefore consider an eCommerce platform that has some degree of in-built protection.

Choosing the best eCommerce platform for your business is difficult as you have to consider several aspects. At Citytech Software, we make this decision easier for you. Our experts analyze your business and suggest the best eCommerce platform keeping your specific requirements in mind. Having worked with countless global businesses, we have significant experience in the latest technologies like nopCommerce, Magento, Kentico, etc. and can help you scale your business.

So don’t be left behind, check out our services today!


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