What Is Success?? One Man’s Unique Definition That May Shock You!

What Is Your Aim or Purpose In Your Life?


Anthony Legins

3 years ago | 6 min read

What is success?

Is it just being popular and having lots of money and living in a big fancy house and driving a fancy car?

Or success more than that?

What does success mean to you?

The Definition of Success

In my mind, success is subjective. Success is something that only you can define for yourself.

But let’s talk about what the dictionary says about success.

The dictionary says success is ‘the accomplishment of an aim or purpose’.

The accomplishment of an aim or purpose.

That’s the primary definition of success of the dictionary. The secondary meaning is being popular and profit but the primary definition of success is the accomplishment of an aim or purpose.

I was listening to one of my teachers that I like to listen to, a man named Dr. Robert Anthony and he says that ‘if you have made it to this point today and you are able to listen to the words that I am speaking right now, you are successful! You have succeeded in life.

You’ve made it to this point. You’ve overcome all of the challenges that you previously faced to make it to this point in your life right now’.

This brings me to what I was thinking about this morning taking a walk, thinking about the old Chinese proverb ‘a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step’.

Success to me, it’s a journey. It’s the journey of a thousand miles and you have to take that first step.

You have to take that first step! You have to start moving forward towards the direction, towards the destination of your aims and your goals, whatever that may be.

What Is Your Aim or Purpose In Your Life?

All of us don’t want to have millions and millions of dollars. We may joke about it.We may that we do with friends, but maybe you just want to be comfortable in life. You may just want to be financially independent. You may just want to have a steady stream of income. You want all your bills to be paid.

You don’t want to have to worry about things. You want to be able to provide for your family and leave something behind for your family.That’s a worthy aim that’s a worthy purpose and you should move forward in that direction!

You have to begin with the single-step!

Don’t look at the man or woman that you may see that on the same road on the same destination who may be 500 miles ahead of you! Don’t worry about that! They still have another five hundred miles to go! You may still have another 999.9 miles to go but you’re on your way by taking that first step!

Just like now, I’m on a new path of becoming a real estate coach and also a mentor, which I kind of classify as two separate things. Because being a real estate coach, I’m going to train you and teach you how to become successful in real estate.

As your mentor, I’ll be able to help you through situations that you may encounter in your personal life because of my experiences and challenges that I’ve faced in life. I am able to help mentor you and help and possibly provide some solutions for you.

Mentors Along The Path To Success

One of my first mentors was a man (rest in peace) named Dr. Earnest Maddox. He was one of the first people in my early 20s who saw something in me that I didn’t see. He saw potential in me that I didn’t see in myself at the time and he gave me an opportunity.

He provided an outlet by letting me speak and guest host on his radio program.

Also by going around with him to different churches and giving different messages. He opened some doors of opportunity for me that way and to allowed me to be able to have some confidence in speaking and see potential in myself.

Also I credit a man that I recently met named Kevin Barnes.

Kevin Barnes is actually a music producer and has a program that teaches you how to get your beats and your music placed in TV and film. Yet it was his audio program that he has that is motivational… very motivational … and is not about just strictly music but it’s about mindset.

I must say that that Kevin has inspired me to with confidence, even now, to just go for it and just start recording my messages and and putting them out here for people to hear. I give him credit for that and I thank him for that.

And while speaking about Kevin, he also introduced me to a man that I never heard of before name Jim Rohn.

I highly suggest if you haven’t listened to Jim Rohn or if you have heard of him before, go Google him go you to him now and listen to something from him. He’s a great speaker on personal development and very inspirational, very sensible and very down-to-earth.

Also one of my other mentors (that I consider a mentor) is Dr. Robert Anthony.

He has excellent programs that will teach you how to create the life that you desire and how to proceed and go after the things that you want with the right mindset.

I highly recommend these men and their products! So please Google them check them out.

How Do You Define Success For Yourself?

But once again, what is success?

I mean success could be getting up in the morning, going for that walk around the block, making that phone call, sending that email. Doing the things you know will move you closer to your goal. It is taking that one step forward. It’s not a race! We’re not in a race here.

This is a journey!

This is a journey and you have to know the destination that you want to get to. So definitely you need to have a goal in mind the destination.

I’ve had success in life and I consider myself successful right now!

I am I where I want to be in life at this time? No I’m not.

Have I been closer to where I want to be in life? Yes.

I’ve had success in my life. I’ve netted over a quarter million dollars in 1 year before. I started company that grossed over $1000000 in sales in 1 year before. I’ve owned a Mercedes Benz S500 and a Range Rover sport. I bought a house in the neighborhood I was raised and where I always wanted to live since I was a kid.

Having The Right Mindset Is Crucial To Maintaining Success

I’ve had those things, but inside I wasn’t ready. I didn’t have the right mindset… because once you start achieving success, the key is to maintain it.

Although I was accomplishing these things, my mindset wasn’t geared to maintain that level of success, I was also successful in messing it all up.

But I want you to know that you are successful!

If you have been locked up before you’ve never went back to jail again since, you’re successful in staying free my friend!

If you made an attempt to do something that you never tried before but you always wanted to do this thing, you are a success!

In my mind, if only one person hears or reads this message that I’m speaking today, I have succeeded because I’m only speaking to one person! You!

I want this message to reach thousands of course, but if only one person hears this, in my mind I am a success.I made the attempt. I did not fail.

Failure is the lack of action and not doing anything while knowing that you could do something. It is knowing that you have the ability, the skills, the knowledge and the wisdom to do something and still not doing it.

When this happens, you are failing yourself and you are failing others that you could be helping right now!

So you owe it to yourself to pursue the things that you want to accomplish in life.

In Conclusion

Measure your success from where you started!

Measure it from where you started on the road and how far you have gone… even if it’s only 10 steps. For you are 10 steps closer!

Yes, you may have another 999 miles to go but you are on your way!

You are moving forward and you will get there!

As long as you are determined…,as long as you have a strong desire…and as long as you can envision and see the end result.

See in your mind the destination that you want to go and stay focused on the aim and purpose that you are seeking to achieve!

Are you ready to acheive your goal of becoming a successful real estate investor?

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