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Surgical Face Mask For Your Safety

MagiCare was founded to provide reliable, high-quality personal protection products. Our made in USA face masks and goggles have been used all over the world in the global fight against COVID-19. MagiCare responds quickly to the changing needs of the global market by managing the supply chain every step of the way.



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Best surgical face mask for Bacteria and Viruses Protection In 2022

Magicare 3ply face masks manufacturer and PPE wholesaler Made in USA.

The surgical face mask is the other that's why we created tactico the only fully integrated surgical face mask in eyewear system tactica is a marriage between the most technical eyewear and the most advanced surgical face mask ever by changing the way the 3ply facemask is attached to your face tactica is virtually touch free making everything snap into place designed to be fast and easy to use this is made possible by our patented 14 super strong ultralight magnet technology for hassle free changes and when you take them off you'll always have a place to put it outer and inner grilles hold the filter securely in place and off the mouth for greater comfort with no straps the surgical face mask no longer pulls over our breathing airways in a suffocating manner it's like you're not wearing a surgical face maskat all we all know that wearing a surgical face mask causes fogging that is why we created two airflow channels one is our patent barrier that channels air around the sides and away from the lenses the other airflow channels are laboratory tested by world experts on virus transmission and it was proven to be more effective than other surgical face mask with our patented diffusion technology with our unique design you're able to magnetically clip on countless lens options from polarized sunglasses and prescription glasses to all-in-one solutions for both outdoor and indoor use and even day and night use traditional masks leave us not able to communicate and share emotions tactica easily allows you to speak to each other and see each other smile with a number of different mask designs available you can find a design that suits your own unique attitude and style hello we are the company of sd engineering we've been designing and manufacturing plastic products already for 17 years we're located in hungary budapest in january 2020 we created the mysql brand this is a reusable mask made of hypoallergenic plastic with replaceable protective filters its main advantages a high level of protection easy care durability and relevance the industrial prototype of the product has The production of press molds for mass manufacturing began in september 2020. Get made in USA surgical face mask manufacture.

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We're starting the first treatments my msq has universal size fits face comfortably and the line of obturation perfectly follows the contour of an adult face it is reliable and safe mysql uses replaceable filters thanks to which you can adjust the required degree of your protection the first level of protection is provided by a multi-layer hydrogenic disc our ffp2 and ffp3 standard filters create a barrier to viruses and bacteria and protect the respiratory system from the harmful effects of the environment at 99 percent it's comfortable thanks to the external protective cover changing the filter takes only a few seconds the lid opens easily and closes securely the 3ply facemask is easy to wash disinfect and sterilize it's profitable there is no need to buy disposable surgical face mask anymore it's enough to change just the filter in my msq with regular use the cost of protecting the respiratory tract is reduced by 20 times we need your support to make the first production batches by supporting us today you will receive the surgical face mask right now so there are many surgical face mask that could protect you from air pollution harmful microorganisms and allergens but only pure me air takes air purifying to the next level as a follow-up to the pure me's first generation pure me air is a wearable air purifier with its unique twin turbine it is a revolutionized surgical face mask designed for those who are active the straps are very comfortable and it will keep the surgical face mask in place even on the move whenever it gets dirty you can easily wash them in the washer pure me air allows you to exercise safely and comfortably it only weighs around 80 grams. Buy 3ply facemask from


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