Susie Pinon


SEO Content Writer using empathy-driven words to convert leads

Creating on-brand conscious content that converts is no easy feat... Are you ready to take your business to the next level?πŸ”₯ Then it's time to hire an SEO expert. Hi, I'm Susie, 4-year SEO blogger with a knack for hitting pain points and writing empathy-driven content that converts.πŸ˜‰ Here's what I doπŸ‘‡ βœ… SEO long-form blogs (my specialty) βœ… Landing page copy βœ… Editing + proofreading βœ… Ghostwriting βœ… Newsletters βœ… E-books Why work with me?❣️ I bring soul to writing that helps readers trust you as an authority.🌈 I've worked in the online writing space since 2018 and continue to tailor my skillset every day.πŸ’» I established myself as a Top Writer and voice on Medium with 600k+ views to date.✍️ I know how to make your brand "Google-able" and up your ranking (Google meπŸ‘€) Ready to deliver 100% on time (if not early) binge-worthy and highly engaging content...β˜€οΈ Get in touch! πŸ“² Ask me about my Media Kit🀩