Sustainability in Grassroots Communities

Sustainability in grassroots communities is a review of a book Titled ' behind the beautiful forevers '. Which gives light on the daily challenges and struggles faced by people who live in grassroots communities.


Priscillia Edward

a year ago | 1 min read

In the age of globalization—an ad hoc, temp-job, fiercely competitive age—hope is not a fiction - Katherine Boo

Reading the book "Behind the Beautiful Forevers" by Katherine Boo, I couldn't help but notice the similarities in the world we find ourselves in.

Behind the Beautiful Forevers is a book that tells the stories of people living in grassroots communities, it allows you to see from a different perspective, and remind us of how infinitesimal life can be.

"In places where government priorities and market imperatives create a world so capricious that to help a neighbor is to risk your ability to feed your family, and sometimes even your liberty, the idea of the mutually supportive poor community is demolished. The poor blame one another for the choices of governments and markets, and we who are not poor are ready to blame the poor just as harshly" Katherine further explained.

How do we make changes to this? In the current research, 3.4 Billion people live in rural communities, and 92% of this population is located in developing countries, mainly concentrated in Africa and Asia. With these statistics, where is the hope for these people, I see a world with fast emergence in technology and forecasts of its effects, but still, somehow it feels like it is a facade in comparison to the world in rural communities. How then can we trigger the era of development in these communities? These are the questions I could not help but ask myself.

In my current research, we are going to delve into the economy and its effects on grassroots communities in Nigeria, by finding sustainable ways the grassroots communities can contribute to the economy, and the role both the VCs and Startups play in making this successful.


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Priscillia Edward is a graduate of Accounting, with over a year expertise on financial management. She is passionate about helping youth-led Non-governmental organizations and Startups across Africa become sustainable and scalable, due to her believe that sustainable development is essential for Africa to emerge as the new frontier for global innovation.







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