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Your Sweepstakes Company Questions Answered! Q&A With Sweepsify

Get answers to questions about how to find a sweepstakes company, sweepstakes marketing, contest administration, and more!



4 months ago | 2 min read


Sweepstakes company, contest administration, and raffle platforms are everywhere and all claim to offer the best services. And it’s often the job of an account manager or marketing manager to sort it all out, alone…

For most brand account managers, the start of a new promo means this:

  1. Figuring out where you ran your past promos and if you want to use the same vendors for the new sweepstakes or contest.
  2. Spending hours researching and calling every sweepstakes company for quotes (don’t forget signing those NDAs, as well).
  3. Comparing services on pricing, fit for your type of promotion, and understanding what work is still required from your end even with full-service sweepstakes management.
  4. Trying not to get overwhelmed by the complexity of legal compliance concerns, especially if your company will run sweepstakes and contests in multiple states.

But what if there was one place to do it all? One place you could find the answers to all of these questions?

Not another software review site, but a source that actually understands how sweepstakes, contest, and raffle administration should integrate with your existing marketing technology stack?

It’s now and it’s here. 😄

Introducing Sweepsify, a new way to connect with the vendors that you need to run a contest, sweepstakes, or raffle for your B2B, ecommerce, CPG brand, winery, brewery, real estate agency, car dealership, SaaS startup, automation platform and more!

We’re covering everything you need to know on how to run effective raffle, sweepstakes, and contest marketing promos from the point of view of professionals who actually work in marketing.

The difference is clear. Finding the right company for sweepstakes administration is not just about price or ease of use of the platform.

Rather, it’s about how the right sweepstakes or contest platform gives you greater inside into consumer demographics, user behavior, and customer experiences.

Your sweepstakes marketing needs to effectively engage your audience so that participants become buyers and customers become loyal to your brand.

Ideally, sweepstakes marketing tools need to work seamlessly together if you want to create a true competitive advantage for your brand. Sweepsify is finally making that possible by bringing it altogether.

We’ll help you find the right contest or sweepstakes marketing solution for your needs with a lot less hassle than doing it all on your on.

Ready to get started? Visit our website to claim your Free Premium account here and get your sweepstakes company quotes now.


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