Tarun Telang


Author "Java EE to Jakarta EE 10 Recipes"

Tarun Telang is an experienced Software Engineer with expertise in Web, Mobile, and Cloud-based enterprise software solution development for world-renowned software companies including Microsoft, Oracle, SAP, BlackBerry, and Polycom. He is a hands-on technologist with 17+ years of IT industry experience with a strong business understanding and the ability to architect complex software solutions. He has been presenting in conferences related to software technology, writing technical articles and blogs for more than 10 years. Tarun has also taught Database Concepts, Data Structures & Programming Languages to computer science engineering students. He has earned the following certifications: Oracle Certified Programmer for Java 6.0 Platform, SAP Certified Development Consultant for NetWeaver 04 Java Web Application Development, SAP Certified Application Management Expert for End-to-End Root Cause Analysis - Solution Manager 4.0, and NASBA Certification on Remote Work.

Hyderabad, India