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Tech Stack behinds the development of Cryptopunks like NFT Marketplace

How to develop Algorithmically generated NFTs like Cryptopunks (Tech stack)


Robert John

4 months ago | 3 min read


A great workforce goes behind the construction of houses, including concrete, wood treatment, tile roofing, and much more. Likewise, ‘so’ much goes into developing a project. Take Netflix, for example, which encompasses a myriad of tech stacks that breathe life into the popular term - Netflix and Chill. 

Like building a house and Netflix-ing, the popular NFT project (CryptoPunks) encompasses many tech stacks. This article will enlist the same in the following words:

What Exactly is a Tech Stack?

It combines technologies a company uses to build or maintain a project. A tech stack encompasses programming languages, frameworks, front-end & back-end tools, APIs, etc. 

Many development teams prefer tech stack (according to projects). For example, NodeJS is the most-preferred front-end framework for its efficiency. On the other hand, full-stack developers who are comfortable with JavaScript can work on both the server and client sides of the application.

Investing in the ideal tech stack is critical for any project because it provides the product team with the tools they need to build and maintain your product while also ensuring that it meets customer needs.

Enumerating the Tech Stack Behind CryptoPunks

I thought I would give a brief gist on an NFT marketplace like CryptoPunks; now, let’s enlist the tech stack behind it: CryptoPunks is one of the early PFP-based projects spearheaded by Larva Lab founders Matt Hall and John Watkinson in 2017. The project encompasses 10,000 algorithmically-generated avatars, including ultra-rare alien and zombie types.

  1. Storage Platforms

Before creating something, it becomes vital to find a place for it - haven’t we heard this many times before? Likewise, before crafting a marketplace like CryptoPunks, one should figure out the ideal storage platform (to store NFTs). 

Employing a storage platform like IPFS or InterPlanetary File Storage (IPFS) is advisable due to its peer-to-peer nature. If you’re serious about creating a CryptoPunks like NFT marketplace, I suggest you leverage this open-source system (IPFS). 

2. Database Management Systems

CryptoPunks is a project that has witnessed humongous traction over the years. Throwback to this recent sale when someone spent $10million (Ethereum) on CryptoPunk #4156. While replicating such a popular project, one has to emphasize (a lot) safeguarding user data.

Database platforms like MongoDB, MySQL, and PostgreSQL will help store the NFT creators' and sellers’ information. All open-source software can handle a lot of traffic from all over the world. It eventually leads to increased operational efficiency.

3. NFT-compatible Blockchain Standards

Running an NFT marketplace requires a blockchain platform that serves as the foundation. Most marketplace developers prefer crafting platforms on the popular Ethereum blockchain. But then, I’ve also seen an NFT marketplace development company building stuff on Tezos (an open-source Blockchain). 

Standards like ERC721, ERC1155, TRC721, etc., extend non-fungible tokens. Each standard comes with its perks. So, one’ll have to choose the ideal standard according to their requirements.

4. Programming Languages

Coding languages encompass the core of an NFT marketplace, which puts ideas into action. For front-end development, languages like Java, ReactJS, and AngularJS find extensive usage. On the other hand, Python and PHP find their usage in the back-end sector. Solidity (an object-oriented programming language) deserves a special mention for crafting smart contracts. 

5. Testing

“While there’s code, there’s a bug.” Remember that a fully tested platform bestows reliability and security. Finding and resolving issues as quickly as possible ensures that the marketplace is ready to use. Platform testing also ensures that your platform works as expected and meets the project's original requirements.

The Closing Thoughts

CryptoPunks is a trendsetter project that acts as the forerunner (even after five years of launch) for the art-punk NFT revolution. There is nothing to wonder in your admiration for developing an NFT marketplace like CryptoPunks. I hope this article was beneficial in one way or another. 


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